THE SILENCER #11 is an epic issue, definitely worth all the hype. A captivating plot with outstanding visuals. This story is a wild ride, full of surprises and plot twists. Guaranteed to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.
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This is it! This is the pulse-pounding epic we’ve been waiting for. Once again, The Silencer comes face to face with her nemesis, Talia al Ghul. With incredible writing by Dan Abnett and Jack Herbert, THE SILENCER #11 is the exciting conclusion to the Leviathan War. And the brilliant artwork hooks the reader into this wild ride of a comic. Trust me, this issue lives up to all the hype.

A War of Assassins

After trudging through a blizzard, the Silencer finally locates Talia al Ghul’s whereabouts in THE SILENCER #11. Along with robotic-ally Quietus and Lady Wishbone’s apprentice, Michael, the trio storm the castle. Meanwhile, Honor’s husband and young son are searching for her amidst all the chaos of the amusement park attacks. Sadly, her husband believes she is dead. And that brief scene is absolutely heartbreaking.

THE SILENCER #11 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Once inside the base, Honor meet Raze, an unseen assassin capable of manipulating sight. Has the Silencer finally met her match? In a stalemate, the two killers lower their guns and enter a meeting involving all of Leviathan. And I mean all of Leviathan. Every assassin, from every department in the organization, is there. “Everyone who survived the power struggle,” according to Raze. Spoiler alert; Talia al Ghul is alive.

And man, is she dropping a bombshell in THE SILENCER #11. Shockingly, she admits she planned the entire war of assassins in order to weed out the weaker members of the association. With numerous guns aimed at her, she explains how she is Leviathan, and killing her would mean killing the whole organization. All of her followers yell “All hail Leviathan” in solidarity. All except for one; the Silencer. In the next issue, the war between the Silencer and Talia al Ghul finally reaches a boiling point.

Brilliant Imagery

When you first open THE SILENCER #11, it’s like walking in a winter wonderland. As the Silencer treks through icy terrain, the snow is blindingly bright. The Silencer’s ice blue zone of silence backdropped by snow-capped mountains is visually stunning. So I was completely drawn into the story by the opening scene.

Later on in THE SILENCER #11, the meeting hall features a diverse menagerie of assassins, all from different Leviathan divisions. Take a look at the background characters, each with their own individual design. This further shows the diversity within the organization. Overall, the artwork in THE SILENCER #11 is vivid and stunning. A true visual spectacle. So hats off to Tom Derenick and Mike Spicer for some outstanding work.

THE SILENCER #11 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Thrilling Story

From the previous issues, there has been a great build up of tension. How will this Leviathan war end? Is Talia al Ghul dead or alive? So will the Silencer be able to have her normal, family life, away from the dark underworld? In THE SILENCER #11, we get answers to some of those critical questions. Despite having some answers, my interest remains engaged in the story. Frankly, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time reading THE SILENCER #11.

The way the writers create suspense is extraordinary. When Talia struts into a room full of killers, with red sniper lights targeting her, I found myself holding my breath. And when Honor’s husband is desperately searching for his wife, the gut-wrenching moment that adds to the drama. Bombshell after bombshell, plot twist after plot twist. THE SILENCER #11 is a minefield of surprises.

Final Thoughts on THE SILENCER #11

In my opinion, THE SILENCER #11 is one of the best issues in THE SILENCER series. The storytelling abilities of Dan Abnett are absolutely amazing. He does a phenomenal job at developing suspense and tension within a story. So, from the beginning, this issue hooks your attention and drags you on a wild roller coaster ride.

Visually, THE SILENCER #11 is a stunning comic. The artists really know how to bring characters to life, even the background characters. Also, the display of the Silencer’s abilities, with her zones of silence, are bold and striking. This issue is a spectacle, to say the least. Definitely worth reading. I’m holding my breath waiting for the next issue.

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