SILENCER #12 is a fantastic issue. If you love action and excitement, this is an issue for you. Jack Herbert's visuals are ripped straight out of an action film. The conflict between Silencer and Talia al Ghul comes to a roaring boil in SILENCER #12.
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The Silencer takes on an entire organization of assassins in SILENCER #12. From writer Dan Abnett, this heart-pounding issue is filled to the brim with action and excitement. And the artwork by Jack Herbert is completely captivating. Will Honor return to her family? Can she single-handedly take on an army of assassins? In the showdown between the Silencer and Talia al Ghul, who will come out on top? Be sure to check out SILENCER #12 to find out. By far, this issue is a must read.

In the Belly of the Beast

Surrounded by an army of assassins, the Silencer is at a standoff with Talia al Ghul. As Leviathan agents pledge their allegiance to Talia, the Silencer remains defiant. When she refuses to swear her loyalty, she embarks on a suicide mission. All Hell breaks loose. With little energy left, Honor tries to take down as many Leviathan agents as she can.

THE SILENCER #12 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Honor’s husband is in a panic. Unaware of his wife’s double life, he believes she is either missing or dead. When asked questions about Honor, he doesn’t have the answers. For the most part, Honor has kept her past a secret from her family. Realizing he doesn’t know much about his own wife just adds to the heartbreak of SILENCER #12.

Then, the conflict shifts into a one on one battle in SILENCER #12. The Silencer versus Talia al Ghul. This is the confrontation we’ve been waiting for. In a nail-biting conclusion, Talia al Ghul makes an offer the Silencer can’t refuse. Will the Silencer work for Leviathan once again? Will she make it out of the belly of the beast alive? Let just say, this is a plot twist no one saw coming. I’m hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for the next issue.

Action Packed Artwork

With her incredible reflexes, every punch, kick and knife throw looks swift and powerful. There’s this great sense of movement during the fight scenes. As if I am watching a blockbuster action film instead of reading a comic book. Details like the Silencer’s ripped mask and the trails of blood add to the intensity and brutality of the battle. Also, the use of shadows around Talia al Ghul really features her inner evil.

Jack Herbert’s artwork is definitely a visual spectacle in SILENCER #12.

THE SILENCER #12 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
THE SILENCER #12 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

An Exceptional Story

Dan Abnett deserves major props for this series, and SILENCER #12 specifically. He is able to balance scenes of high tension with real human emotions. There’s this fantastic juxtaposition between the fight in Leviathan and Honor’s worried husband and child. This issue is an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. I felt heartbroken one minute, then anxious the next.

While the Silencer wages war on an army of assassins, she thinks about her family. In this issue, we see how Honor’s secrets take a toll on her family. With the odds stacked against her, she still stands up, like a total badass, and fights back. Honor Guest is such a complex and interesting character. Even while she’s slaughtering Leviathan assassins, her goal of protecting her family and returning to a normal life never falters.

Final Thoughts on SILENCER #12

Like the greatest roller coaster ride, SILENCER #12 is an awesome issue. Hold on tight, this is one wild issue. I found myself holding my breath the entire time reading this issue. Dan Abnett storytelling abilities are simply masterful. Through great writing, he balances both emotional scenes with action-packed ones so well.

The artwork by Jack Herbert is not to be missed. His visuals really feature the fighting skills of the Leviathan assassins. Also, the imagery captures the cruelty of Talia al Ghul and the ferocity of the Silencer. And the shadows that loom over all these characters adds to the grim tragedy of this story.

All in all, SILENCER #12 is a must read. From expert writing to breathtaking artwork, this is one comic you don’t want to miss. With a cliffhanger ending like this, I am anxiously awaiting the next issue.

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