DC’s New Age of Heroes has given the company an opportunity. Introducing fresh, new characters into the mix has allowed the writers and artists to better stretch their creative muscles. These new stories have proven themselves time and again. The same can be said for THE SILENCER by Dan Abnett and John Romita Jr. This story about former assassin Honor Guest has hit on all the right themes. Family takes center stage, as Honor reclaims her old life to protect her husband and son. More importantly, this story has been an action-packed slug fest, constantly escalating the excitement. And in this exclusive preview of THE SILENCER #6, theme and action come together like never before.

Robin, The Boy Wonder: Then and Now

In the previous issue, Honor and her former teammate Talia Al Ghul met at a diner. This isn’t just some fun coworker reunion, though. Talia revealed that she had played Honor in an attempt to shift the balance of her employer’s, Leviathan, civil war. Immediately after, Leviathan attacked, and that is where THE SILENCER #6 picks up. With her son trapped in the crossfire, Honor has no choice but to join Talia in the fight. With both women believing the other betrayed them, it is all they can do to work together. However, as the fight continues and Leviathan swarms their diner, they realize that someone else has set them up. And with Honor’s family in danger, you can bet that there will be blood to pay.

THE SILENCER #6 Cover by John Romita Jr. Courtesy of DC Entertainment

THE SILENCER #6 preview opens on a fantastically scripted scene. It carries all of the violence and action that I have come to expect from this series. However, it never neglects the themes. Dan Abnett works methodically through this action sequence, constantly bringing it back around to Honor’s worries and fears. This isn’t just a storm of bullets. It is a battle to protect Honor’s son. This battle unfolds beautifully, especially with the added illustrations by Viktor Bogdanovic. His work feels so dynamic, with a close resemblance to the famed Greg Capullo’s. Together, these two promise a thrilling adventure in THE SILENCER #6, and I cannot wait.

Be sure to pick up a copy of THE SILENCER #6 on June 27! For now, enjoy this preview gallery

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