SILENCER #3 is filled with epic fights and violence. The explosive artwork by John Romita Jr. perfectly captures the chaos of the battlefield and the ferocity of the Silencer as an assassin. With an action-packed story by Dan Abnett, Honor Guest is a force to be reckoned with.
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After leaving the life of an assassin behind, Honor Guest had hoped to live peacefully with her husband and young son. But her past comes back to haunt her. Written by Dan Abnett, SILENCER #3 centers around the Silencer as she continues to fight all those who threaten her family. Featuring the exciting art style by John Romita Jr. and Sandra Hope, this is one action-packed issue you don’t want to miss.

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The Story

SILENCER #3 opens with Honor Guest being surrounded by an army of robot goons. Quite frankly, the Silencer single-handedly obliterates a room full of bio-modded minions into tiny pieces. The violent battle captures how skillful and precise she is as an assassin. Her power of silence is in the center spotlight of this issue. The art style highlights how powerful her abilities are and the havoc it creates.

After the intense battle, she returns to her suburban mom life and picks up her son from school. There’s a great juxtaposition in tone between an explosive gang war to a mother having ice cream with her child. That quick change in tone and mood is fantastic.

There is a symbolic contrast of color with the blood stain on her white coat and the strawberry syrup being poured on vanilla ice cream. Is this a hint that her two worlds will soon collide? SILENCER #3 wraps up with a feeling that Honor is not out of the woods yet. Even while picking her son up from school, she is not safe from those out to destroy her.

SILENCER #3 Page 1
SILENCER #3 Page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Mama Bear Motivation

What I love most about Honor Guest as a character is her motivation behind being the Silencer. She did not willingly become an assassin again. Everything she does, she does for the chance of a normal life and to raise her child.

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There’s this wonderful contrast between Honor the assassin and Honor the mother. This character must toe the line between these two halves of her life while keeping them separated.

Explosive Artwork

Most of this issue is violent and chaotic, and the art style definitely reflects that. The artwork by Sandra Hope and John Romita Jr. could not have done a better job in SILENCER #3. There’s a real pulse-pounding energy about this issue. Since a majority of the issue focuses on the Silencer in a heated battle, the art style shows how powerful and explosive her skills are in a fight.

Look at the glow of the zones of silence as bullets are raining down and bio-modded minions are being torn apart. The imagery alone is insanely epic. With a fierce main character and an action-packed plot that sets the bar very high, John Romita Jr. and Sandra Hope exceed expectations and match the magnitude of SILENCER#3 with their incredible artwork.

SILENCER #3 Page 2
SILENCER #3 Page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

How Many Antagonists Are There?

My only concern with SILENCER #3 is the lack of one central antagonist. Amidst all the chaos and craziness, there have been a number of opponents to fight the Silencer. It becomes slightly confusing as to who she is fighting against when it seems that everyone is out to destroy her.

I understand it’s a gang war, however, I would appreciate a little more focus on a leader figure, Mr.Quietus perhaps. For now, he remains in the shadows while his right-hand man, Remedy, seems to have more command over their faction. Who exactly is Honor fighting against?

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Spoiler Alert! It’s Deathstroke!

Sorry ComicsVerse fans, this is one spoiler I just could not contain. As if the Silencer series couldn’t get any more thrilling. The last page of SILENCER #3 features Deathstroke, another notable DC assassin, looking for information on the Silencer coming out of retirement.

What does Deathstroke want with the Silencer? What will happen when their paths cross? With Deathstroke planning on making an appearance, things are about to get even more interesting. And I didn’t think the story could be more exciting.

Don’t Press Mute on SILENCER #3!

If you are looking for intense, action-packed comics, then SILENCER #3 is right up your alley. This issue is filled to the brim with epic fight scenes and violence. At the center of all this havoc is the Silencer, who fights for her family with such a ferocity. SILENCER #3 is a standout, especially with the masterful art style by John Romita Jr.

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