NIGHTWING #43 is a standalone issue worth reading. The story by Michael Moreci is fun, humorous, and loaded with awesome ninja battles. Minkyu Jung's artwork is fantastic, especially during the fight scenes. This boys night out is better than a night of Netflix alone, if you ask me.
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All Dick Grayson wants is a night off from being Nightwing. A night to relax and watch Netflix. When Arsenal and Robin both call him for help, he reluctantly dons on the mask and heads to Gotham. NIGHTWING #43 has a great story by Michael Moreci and some equally great artwork by Minkyu Jung.

With a fight against the League of Assassins, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and a machine that could suffocate everyone in Gotham City, it’s just your typical boys night out, right?

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No Days Off for Heroes in NIGHTWING #43

NIGHTWING #43 opens with Dick Grayson hoping for a little normalcy in his life. A quiet evening at home, like any regular twenty-something. A struggle, I assume, many caped crusaders have. The first couple pages of this comic are quite funny. While his phone is blowing up with SOS messages, Dick is just trying to set up Netflix on his television. Unable to ignore the calls of distress from his friends, Nightwing suits up and heads to Gotham.

Once there, he and Damien Wayne get involved in a cool ninja battle. Then, Roy Harper joins the fight. And just who is leading the League tonight? None other than Arsenal’s ex-girlfriend, Cheshire. With a clash of personalities, Arsenal and Robin falter a bit trying to work together. Nightwing takes on a leadership role, which is total deja vu to his Titan days. As they quickly piece together the League’s plans for Gotham, they learn of the weapon that can suffocate the entire city.

As the machine powers up, the neon green lightning shooting into the sky adds an extra ominous touch to the imagery. Can Nightwing, Arsenal, and Robin stop Cheshire and the League’s weapon before it’s too late?  Will Dick Grayson ever get his night off? You’ll have to read NIGHTWING #43 to find out!

NIGHTWING #43 Page 1 - Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment
NIGHTWING #43 Page 1 – Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Teaming Up

The real highlight of NIGHTWING #43 is Nightwing, Arsenal, and Robin being a team for one night. The story follows the team’s dynamic as they go up against Cheshire and the League of Assassins. Michael Moreci stayed true to these characters, especially Nightwing, in this issue.

Even when Arsenal and Robin butt heads, with Nightwing’s leadership, they really did work well together. In the end, it felt like their bond grew stronger because of the adventure they had. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them fight alongside one another as more than just allies, but as friends.

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Comparison to Batman

In his struggle to balance a normal life with superhero work, Dick compares himself to Bruce Wayne throughout NIGHTWING #43. His complicated relationship with Batman is something I always find interesting in any Nightwing comic. As a hero in his own right, Nightwing constantly makes the distinction between him and his mentor.

Although he admires Bruce, how, as Batman, he will “answer every call,” he disagrees with his “lone wolf” way of life. In NIGHTWING #43, Dick Grayson relies on his friends, whereas Batman does not. Nightwing walks this fine line between wanting to be like Batman and wanting to just be himself.

Wonderful Artwork

The artwork by Minkyu Jung does each character’s individual fighting style justice. Their movements are distinct and personal to each one of them. Nightwing’s “circus moves,” as Robin calls them, are captured perfectly by the illustrations. In the final battle between ninjas and Cheshire and our heroes, every punch and kick looked fantastic.

Also, there’s an interesting use of bright colors, especially with the fire engine red in the background of some of the panels. While some of the faces seem a bit over exaggerated, particularly with Damien, the overall art style was awesome.

NIGHTWING #43 Page 4 - Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment
NIGHTWING #43 Page 4 – Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #43

This is a Nightwing standalone worth reading. This trio of heroes is center stage in NIGHTWING #43. Even with awesome ninja battles, the story is fun, light, and has moments of humor. Hats off to Michael Moreci for a truly great story. Minkyu Jung’s art style is just as great as the story, especially during the fight scenes. Most noteworthy, his use of color in this comic visually pops. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Dick Grayson.

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