Si Spurrier has always wanted to write John Constantine. Now, he’s getting his chance with THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE PRESENTS: HELLBLAZER #1.

We sat with Spurrier during New York Comic-Con 2019 to find out about his approach to the character, who serves as a kind of bridge between The Sandman Universe and the DC Universe proper. For those fans who may not know how Constantine fits into all of this, Spurrier gives us a phenomenal refresher in the interview above.


Spurrier also discusses what surprises him about Constantine, as well as the amazing creators he gets to collaborate with. Neil Gaiman, who created The Sandman Universe itself, is still involved with the titles in the imprint, so Spurrier has worked with him quite a bit. Spurrier has also worked with Kat Howard, currently penning BOOKS OF MAGIC, to help bring Constantine into the fray.

Of course, he is working with an incredible art team. Marcio Takara is penciling and inking the book, and Cris Peter is coloring it.

This is not Spurrier’s first book within The Sandman Universe; he’s been at the helm of THE DREAMING since it started its run last September. We asked Spurrier how he would be balancing the two titles once the HELLBLAZER series gets underway, but we also heard a rumor about this. We caught wind that another phenomenal writer would be taking over THE DREAMING very shortly — G. Willow Wilson.

Knowing that this would be announced later that day, Spurrier was happy to talk about Wilson coming on board and how he would hand over the reins. To find out more about this exciting transition, check out our interview above.

THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE PRESENTS: HELLBLAZER #1 hits shelves just in time for Halloween. Pick it up at your local comic shop on Wednesday, October 30th.

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