Controlling the mind of Groot, Shuri gets sidetracked in the search of her brother to help Rocket Raccoon take down a giant alien bug. The dynamic team of writer Nnedi Okorafor with art by Leonardo Romero and colors by Jordie Bellaire continue to cement a worthy legacy for Shuri.
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Another step forward in the Shuri Legacy
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Shuri is a technological genius, a Wakandian princess, and T’Challa’s younger sister. But I don’t think she has ever thought about adding Groot to her list of accolades. In SHURI #3, while astral projecting her mind into space to find her brother, Shuri winds up trapped in the body of Groot. To make matters worse, she has to help Rocket Raccoon take down a giant alien bug that wants to make a snack out of Rocket Raccoons ship. Writer Nnedi Okorafor and artist Leonardo Romero take us on a spiritual journey to the cosmos in SHURI #3.


At the end of SHURI #2 with the assistance of Storm and Chief Ikoko of the Mute Zones, Shuri is able to astral project her mind (leave her body spiritually) in an effort to find her brother. Unfortunately, during her travels through space, something goes terribly wrong and she ends up in the body of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY member, Groot. Meanwhile, back in Wakanda Okoye is trying to locate Queen Romanda who has been missing.

SHURI #3-Shuri and Groot join forces
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Shuri’s Evolution

While the first two issues focus solely on Shuri taking up the mantle of the Black Panther and the absence of her brother T’challa. SHURI #3 takes an entirely different approach. Instead of continuing forth with much of the same thing, SHURI #3 redirects our main character into the cosmos on a short-lived adventure with two members of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. We learn that the late Aretha Franklin’s famous song, RESPECT, is a big hit with giant space bugs and that Rocket gains a new friend.

But more importantly than the bond of friendship, we see the continued evolution of Shuri’s character. Okorafor flawlessly continues to show us the growth in Shuri’s character. With each issue, we watch the progression of Shuri’s journey and learn more about the type of hero she is becoming. The first issue of Shuri showed us that she didn’t want to follow in her brother’s footsteps but create her own path. The second issue shows her think outside the box methods to being a hero.

Shuri #3-taking control of Groot
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

And, the third issue runs with the same concept of the second issue. It expands upon her hero qualities. Further, it does a great job of showing the lengths to what a hero will go to help others. The same charismatic charm and fun-loving personality that made people love Shuri in BLACK PANTHER and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has been on full display through this entire series thus far.

The Adventures of Shuri & Rocket Raccoon

The team dynamic between Groot aka Shuri and Rocket Raccoon in SHURI #3 is epic. The fact that both Rocket and Shuri are tech-savvy individuals was a great combination to help build their immediate relationship. The two share a serendipitous moment while putting a bomb together. Shuri shows the true qualities of a heroine by staying to help Rocket with his giant bug problem.  Because of moments like this, Okorafor flawlessly continues to show us the growth in Shuri’s character.

SHURI #3-Rocket tries to lighten the mood
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

A Visual Space Odyssey

Artist Leonardo Romero expands his creative juices in SHURI #3. Romero makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a bigger and unknown universe far outside of Wakanda. Many of the panels and splash pages are very imaginative and bring a great intenseness to them. Colorist Jordie Bellaire’s choice of bright shimmery color patterns helps add balance between the characters and the world around them.

Shuri #3-Shuri finds herself in Groot
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Search Continues

SHURI #3 is another leap forward that helps give Shuri her own identity.  The story continues to show the growth, personality, and wit of such a great character within the Marvel Universe. Romero and Bellaire do a great job at keeping the artistry fresh, interesting, and in your face. Okorafor’s take on Shuri climbs to new heights with every issue and keeps us intrigued with her mysterious twist. All in all SHURI #3 is a great book that shows the true hearts of a strong female protagonist. It will be interesting to see what’s next for her as she continues her search for her brother.

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