Shuri becomes the new Black Panther in this SHURI #8 preview. Having protected Wakanda her entire life, this is a mantle she’s worn proudly and will wear proudly again. With the threat of a music-loving Lubber and Wakandan memories mysteriously vanishing, it falls on Shuri’s shoulders to restore order. However, with most of her lessons through history destroyed, will she be able to defeat this ominous threat? Check out the preview below!


Shuri #8


Written by: Nnedi Okorafor

Art by: Rachael Stott

Cover by: Kirbi Fagan

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SHURI TAKES UP THE BLACK PANTHER MANTLE ONCE AGAIN! Nnedi Okorafor returns alongside rising star artist Rachael Stott with a brand-new arc! But this is a Black Panther you’ve never seen before — one who will change Wakanda forever. Something has stolen pieces of the Djalia, the plane of Wakandan memory, and it’s up to the Princess of Wakanda to save it. But for every piece of the Djalia lost, a piece of Shuri disappears as well. Will a new suit be enough to save herself and her nation?

SHURI #8 Preview Image Gallery

Shuri #8 Shuri #8 Shuri #8 Shuri #8 Shuri #8 Shuri #8

Shuri #8
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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