Shuri #5

Shuri and Iron Man are dealing with an alien enemy in this SHURI #5 preview. With a miniature black hole opening up in the middle of the desert, these two geniuses will need to work together to survive. Meanwhile, Okoye and the Dora Milaje deal with issues at home in Wakanda. Check out the preview below!


Shuri #5


Written by: Nnedi Okorafor

Art by: Leonardo Romero

Cover by: Sam Spratt

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THE TWO BADDEST GAUNTLET-WIELDERS IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE UNITE! An alien creature has invaded Wakanda! And with her powers strangely malfunctioning and her brother still missing, Shuri is in over her head. Time to call for backup. Enter: Iron Man! But can these two tech geniuses figure out how to de-power an energy-sucking alien before it destroys the entire continent? Don’t miss the end of the first arc — and a dramatic change for the princess of Wakanda!

SHURI #5 Preview Image Gallery

Shuri #5 Shuri #5 Shuri #5 Shuri #5 Shuri #5

Shuri #5
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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