shuri #2

Shuri has deserved her own series for a long time, so it’s so good to see her in the spotlight here. With T’Challa still missing, Wakanda feels it needs a Black Panther. Who else to take the mantle than Shuri? In this SHURI #2 preview, we see her take a stand and make a decision for herself. Check out the preview below to see what she decided to do!

[one_half]shuri #2


Published: November 21, 2018

Written by: Nnedi Okorafor

Art by: Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire

Cover by: Sam Spratt

Love Shuri? Then you’ll definitely want to get this issue!

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THE SEARCH FOR T’CHALLA BEGINS! The king of Wakanda has been missing for weeks. Now, his little sister is tired of waiting. It’s time for Shuri — with a little help from Storm of the X-Men — to go save her brother for what must be the millionth time. But Wakanda expects the princess to take the throne — and the Panther mantle — once again. Can Wakanda survive without a Black Panther? Can Shuri?

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shuri #2 shuri #2 shuri #2 shuri #2 shuri #2 shuri #2

shuri #2
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