Burn Rubber in Hell!

Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and a variety of other creatures from the horror genre face-off in a graphic novel written by Russ Lippitt and illustrated by Tony Guaraldi-Brown titled, THE SHOWDOWN.

Writer Russ Lippitt was born in the finest lower class projects in New Jersey who used writing as a means to escape his reality by creating a world worse than his own. Lippitt attended the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco to hone his writing skills. While at school Lippitt wrote his first novel Lion’s Share, which has been quoted as “One of the best Gresser/Punk/Outsiders book you will ever read!” – Josh, Bad Kat Magazine.

Lippitt’s objective as a writer has been to get his readers to root for the villain and considering that THE SHOWDOWN features characters who were sent to Hell, every single one is a villain. While Lippitt is the one who provides a fantastic story, it is the illustrator who brings the graphic novel to life! The artist responsible for bringing all of the monsters from horror films to the page is Tony Guaraldi-Brown.

Tony Guaraldi-Brown resides in Northern California, and he received his MFA from CCA. His previous work includes DEATH JUMP and TALES OF HOT ROD HORROR VOL. 2 (Crackling IMP Press). He recently completed a series known as THE FINAL PLAGUE VOL. 1-3. 1-3 (Action Lab Comics). He currently teaches Photography in Santa Rosa and Berkeley with his wife and two children. But he has lent his artistic talents to provide the illustrations for THE SHOWDOWN.

The Showdown pic

THE SHOWDOWN features several iconic creatures from the horror genre that are all competing against each other in a race held by Satan once every millennium. Right from the beginning the reader is introduced to several monsters ranging from Skeletons, Frankenstein monsters, Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves. What makes this graphic novel unique is all of your favorite monsters have been given a greaser/punk rocker personality to them! This allows the reader to view these iconic creatures in a new way. Thanks to the artistic styling of Tony Guaraldi-Brown and color assist Jeremy Rodriguez, the characters look beautifully sick and twisted! The landscape of Hell looks like a dark desolate wasteland filled with obstacles the racers must overcome! The story alone is enough peak any horror enthusiast’s interest, but the artwork simply puts it over the top. As the story goes on readers will find themselves rooting for a specific group or gang, but only one can win The Showdown!

Accompanying THE SHOWDOWN graphic novel will be a DVD motion comic. Actors, Jason Johnson, Cole Griffin, and Clementina Sonn to name a few provide voice talent for the comic. Notable acts such as, Hayride to Hell, Piggy (Ron Reyes – Black Flag, Redd Kross), and featuring The Rompers Hymn by The Toughskins, are some of the many bands that have signed on to the motion comic.

Published by Broken Icons Comics

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A must-read for any horror enthusiast! The characters and artwork are amazingly gruesome and fans will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see who wins, THE SHOWDOWN! 9/10




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