Joker End Credit Feature

Here we are with a bit of service journalism for you. Your time is precious. That said, increasingly, films that deal with comic book characters include one or more during/after the credits sequences. You hate to spend a moment more in a movie theatre, but you CANNOT miss out on a morsel of content. So your life is in constant tension. Should you stay for the JOKER mid-credits sequence? Should you wait it out until the very end for that sequence? ComicsVerse is here to help. We never let you down.

Joker Mid-Credits Sequence image
This image is a hint (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Is There An After Credits Sequence?

There is not.

Oh Cool. So I Can Leave a Little Earlier At Least. What About the JOKER Mid-Credits Sequence?

What about it?

Is It Awesome?

The Joker Mid-Credits sequence also does not exist.

Wait. There is Neither A JOKER Mid-Credits Sequence Nor an After Credits Sequence?

That’s right.

So What Are You Even Doing Here?

Making Mr. Joe Kerr proud.

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