Charlie's Angels: Mid-Credits Featured

CHARLIE’S ANGELS, the latest reinterpretation of the late 70s/early 80s television series, is not quite a super hero movie, but it is super hero-adjacent. But does being super hero-adjacent lead to the women driven actioner boasting some additional story during or after the credits?

Charlie's Angels: Sabina and Elena
Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott sport the latest in fashionable collars in CHARLIE’S ANGELS. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

Well…Does CHARLIE’S ANGELS Give Us More Story During the Credits?

Indeed they do. And most of it kicks in pretty early. So congratulations, mid-credit scene fans! You are that much less likely to develop deep vein thrombosis waiting for more from the Angels!

Is It Just a Mid-Credits Scene or an End One Also?

There is no end credits sequence. However, the mid-credits scene is actually more a of a series of vignettes. So you get out without having to watch all the way to the end AND you still get roughly the same amount of story as you would in two scenes.


Charlie's Angels: Langston and Jane
Noah Centineo and Ella Balinska seem surprised to find themselves in the midst of CHARLIE’S ANGELS. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

Does the Scene Imply A Sequel for CHARLIE’S ANGELS?

Vaguely? It emphasizes evolving relationships and certainly suggests there could be more story to tell with the trio of leads, Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott. However, no specific conflict or villain is set up for them to tangle with in some future installment.

You Mentioned Vignettes?

Right. The mid-credits scene(s) are organized around the training of Elena (Naomi Scott) as she attempts to become an angel herself. Each part has her interacting with other luminary women who are training her in various disciplines.

Who Are These CHARLIE’S ANGELS Training Cameos?

They begin with Jaclyn Smith, reprising her role as Kelly Garrett. For those not fans of ANGELS, Kelly was one of the three founding members. She is also the only one of the three to serve for the entirety of the original TV series. She is not involved in any kind of training, just briefly welcoming Elena.

Danica Patrick teaches car racing as herself. Rhonda Rousey, similarly, plays herself as Elena’s fighting instructor and sparring partner.

Less clear are the cameos that come next. First is Laverne Cox as a bomb — or bomb defusing — expert. The pattern would suggest she is playing herself, but as far as I know Cox has not demolition or bomb control experience. She is never called by name by anyone else on-screen so we can’t definitively clear this one up.

There is also a quintet of Angel trainees played by Huda Kattan — a relatively new actor — Chloe Kim — a champion snowboarder — Aly Raisman — Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast — Lili Reinhart — so good in HUSTLERS last monthly — and Hailee Steinfeld — most recently of DICKINSON. Once again, it feels natural to assume they are playing characters. However, the movie stresses that a real-life figure is an Angel during this scene. That combined with the aforementioned cameos suggests certain conclusions. Plus, at least one of the Bosleys appears to be a real life well-known figure. So it is not a stretch to think two champion athletes, two established and doing well actors, and one self-starting actor who has gained attention through the web series she created, would be amongst Angel-recruits.

Charlie's Angels: Edgar and Jane
Djimon Hounsou and Ella Balinska tape up for sparring in CHARLIE’S ANGELS. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

You Mentioned Jaclyn Smith. Any Other Returning Angels?

Rebecca (Elizabeth Banks), the current primary Bosley, but previously worked as Angel. However, this is only within the world of the film. In our real world, Banks herself has never played an Angel.

Charlie, in this incarnation, is played by a woman who uses a voice distorter to sound like a man, specifically Robert Clotworthy who supplies the voice. It seems a prime moment to utilize a past Angel. However, Charlie remains cloaked, as per tradition. Judging purely by hair color and appearance from the back, it could have been Cameron Diaz but that’s just a wild guess.

Otherwise, there are no former Angels appearing. Not from the original series, the 2000 movie or its sequel, or the short-lived 2011 tv reboot. This more or less keeps with precedent as only Jacklyn Smith showed up in the previous movie series and the quickly cancelled reboot.

Charlie's Angels: The Trio
Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart, and Naomi Scott gaze into the next scene of CHARLIE’S ANGELS. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

If You Could Do It Again, Would You Still Wait to See the Scene?

It doesn’t add anything, really, to the actual story of the film. Additionally, it does not actually hint at anything that might happen in a possible sequel. It is not particularly funny either. However, the cameos are cute, so I didn’t hate it.

It is a throwback to older mid-credit scenes. Nothing you’ll hate watching but totally missable.

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