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  1. Possibly Tommy Tune

    December 10, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Thanks for your thumb nail reviews Tim. I was completely out of touch with Grindewald after loving , truly loving the first movie.
    I’m reading SPIDER WEB now so I’ll check out this movie when I’m done.

    I lived through Gary Hart and have no interest in seeing that story. I hope people enjoy it
    I agree with your take that the Grinch should be a hard-boiled meanie, but I still liked this movie a whole lot. I liked it more than RALPH 2. (I said it).

    God Bless you for sitting through another Robin Hood. Ah, the crosses you bear to be a critic.

    I saw Widows weeks ago and it’s still sitting with me. I concur on Elizabeth Debicki. I was wowed by the shot through the two neighborhoods. Again, why make a heist movie when the heist is at best tangential. I don’t need Oceans # intricacies, but let’s get some craziness happening.


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