Warner Bros. recently had their panel at SDCC in Hall H. During their presentation, the very first trailer for SHAZAM! was released! While the entire trailer is a ton of fun, here are the top five best moments from great to pure awesome!

5. Dr. Sivana VS. SHAZAM!

Coming in fifth is our first official look at Mark Strong as Dr. Sivana, rival to Shazam. Sivana is one of Billy Batson’s most infamous and recurring villains. It’s great to see him as the first big bad to come up against him and his newfound powers. With science failing him, Dr. Sivana turns to magic to help him.

In his New 52 comics origins, Sivana’s fascination with magic and the legends of Black Adam leads him to Adam’s possible tomb. Lightning strikes the side of his face and eye, allowing him to see the magic that lies hidden in the world. The magic eats away at his mind and body, corrupting him and leading him to evil.

Image from DC Entertainment

While we only see Mark Strong’s version for a second, he looks very similar: bald with one glowing blue eye. It’s still unclear how much liberties the film will take with the screen version of Sivana or his motivations. However, what makes his appearance in the trailer so great is his interaction with Shazam. Billy, experiencing his powers for the first time, looks at Sivana with a cocky smile and says:

“You’re like a bad guy right?”

Shazam then throws a punch, to which Sivana catches with a strength of his own. This is most likely a result of his own brand of magic. It seems as though Sivana and Shazam could have some great brawl scenes. While this would mean a more hands-on approach for Sivana, I think it would be really cool.

As far as Black Adam goes, it’s been said that he will be saved for his own film, which has been in the works forever with The Rock in the titular role, as well as a potential SHAZAM! sequel.

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4. SHAZAM Testing His Limits

After gaining his powers from The Wizard and turning into Shazam, Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, freaks out and seeks help from his foster brother Freddie. Together they test his abilities seeing what he can do and hitting the town. Basically, what any person would do in the real world if they all of a sudden got powers: they’d go and have a blast. Billy punches pillars, dances in his suit, and tries to fly but falls hard. He really will be a kid in a superhero’s body.

Image from DC Entertainment

One of the best scenes is at the end where Billy, as Shazam, and Freddie confront two robbers at a convenience store. They shoot him they all discover that Shazam is bulletproof! After Billy and Freddie have a moment to freak out giddily, Shazam turns the robbers, throwing them throw the window.

Freddie and Billy then leave, arms full of junk food, telling the store owner that he’s welcome for not getting robbed. Seeing two girls outside, Billy asks them what’s up and tells them he’s a superhero. It’s basically a scene ripped right from the New 52 Shazam origin story, the main source material for the film.

This movie is going to be so fun. We going to get to see a character who loves being a hero. Sure he’s going to have to figure out the responsibility part, but he’s going to be overall happy to have his powers.

3. Freddie Freeman

Speaking of Freddie, he comes in third for the top five best parts of the trailer and here’s why: he’s basically all of us fans. Rather, we’d all be like him if superheroes were real in our world. He’s got the newspaper clippings, the memorabilia, and anything else hero related. Some of the first lines of dialogue we hear from Freddie is him asking Billy what kind of powers he’d want.

Freddie is the obvious choice for help and assistance as soon as Billy becomes Shazam. He says to Freddie:

“You’re the only person that I know that knows anything about this Caped Crusader stuff!”

Image from DC Entertainment

Throughout the trailer, Freddie is freaking out with excitement, getting to hang out with his now-powered friend. Wouldn’t we all want a superhero friend, especially if we couldn’t be heroes ourselves?

Now, in the comics, Freddie does eventually get powers of his own, as Billy shares his powers with the rest of his foster siblings. Some reports say that actor Adam Brody‘s role could be the adult superhero version of Freddie, known as Captain Marvel Jr. in the comics.

We’ll have to see, but that would certainly be really cool to see both Billy and Freddie becoming heroes and teaming up against Sivana. It would also be hilarious to see Billy recommend “Shazam Jr.” as a superhero name to Freddie.

2. Be Humble- Something SHAZAM is Not

Using Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE. as the soundtrack for this trailer is a stroke of genius! Humility won’t be a trait Billy will initially possess for sure.

The trailer shows Billy being chosen by the Wizard, most likely for his capability to defend others and be a champion for good. However, Billy still needs to learn to use his powers to do so. The bulk of the trailer features Billy and Freddie messing around with his powers, having fun. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s certainly in contrast to other heroes we’ve seen who might see their gifts and abilities as a burden and/or responsibility.

I’m sure that will come later, where Billy will discover the impact of his actions now that he has these powers and the force for good that he could become. I still want him to have fun with his powers though. He should still love being a hero.

Image from DC Entertainment

All that being said, the contrast of Shazam dancing and goofing off with Freddie while Kendrick says to be humble is an awesome and hilarious contrast that makes this trailer and sets a great tone for the film.

1. SHAZAM!-The Magic Word

The number one best thing from the trailer is definitely where Billy is walking towards the camera, most likely towards an offscreen foe, and yells the magic word:


A lightning bolt instantly hits him and he becomes Shazam, still walking towards the confrontation.

I’ll be honest: I got really excited and I may have squealed a bit seeing this shot. It’s a shot straight from the comics, incredibly amazing and epic. In my mind, it serves as the best thing from the trailer because it’s a perfect snapshot of what this hero can do, and who he is: a kid who gets to be a superhero. It’s a simple concept, but its’ really cool and fun. I’m super excited about this film and I can’t wait to see more!

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Bonus: Shazam Star Zachary Levi’s SDCC Words

Another cool thing worth noting here was some of the stuff that actor Zachary Levi had to share, who will be playing the adult Shazam:

“This is complete wish fulfillment. This is 14-year-old me that got to put on spandex and a cape and fly around and be a super hero. And the whole movie is about wish fulfillment.”

He went on to talk about the tone of the film, and how it’s basically Superman meets BIG, a film starring Tom Hanks where a young kid wishes he could be an adult. That concept is awesome in my opinion and totally makes sense for a hero like Shazam. April can’t come soon enough!

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SHAZAM! releases April 5th, 2019 starring Zachary Levi and Asher Angel.

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