Shatterstar #5

The Grandmaster has something sinister planned for an exciting conclusion in this SHATTERSTAR #5 preview. However, after defeating every opponent in Shatterstar’s path, who else is left to fight? Being an elder, of course, The Grandmaster isn’t confined to only this universe, and he is known to play by his own rules. Shatterstar will need to rely on more than brute force, but does he have the will to kill an elder? Check out the preview below!


Shatterstar #5


Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Gerardo Sandoval and Carlos Villa

Cover by: Yasmine Putri

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The Grandmaster’s game reaches final jeopardy…Shatterstar goes toe-to-toe with the only opponent with a prayer of taking him down…himself! Plus: One of Shatty’s tenants fulfills their destiny!

SHATTERSTAR #5 Preview Image Gallery

Shatterstar #5 Shatterstar #5 Shatterstar #5 Shatterstar #5 Shatterstar #5

Shatterstar #5
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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