SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL #12 by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone
SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL #12 concludes the second volume of the series by tying up loose ends and giving the readers much to look forward to.
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A brain-melting and beautiful time.
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SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL #12 brings us to the end of volume two of the series. Writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Marley Zarcone have taken Loma Shade across the country, where Loma tries to find not only herself but her Earth idol, Honey Rich, along the way. Now, in a new city and a new body, we find out what happens to Loma Shade as Meta and her new life catch up with her. There are also some fan favorite appearances that make this one of the best issues yet. Cecil and Marley have captured the Madness and are in full creative force.

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New Body, Older Shade

The comic picks up after Loma Shade has swapped bodies with Honey Rich, a TV star from Loma’s favorite Earth show Life with Honey. After traveling across the country, Shade finds her star idol on her deathbed. Since Honey was dying, with her spirit leaving, Shade switched bodies and now Honey is living in Megan Boyer’s seventeen-year-old shell.

Honey, now in a younger body, heads back to Hollywood to begin her acting life again. Lepuck, Loma’s former lover on planet Meta, has finally chased her down on Earth and must finally tell her his feelings and warn her of her dead body so that Loma can no longer return to on Meta. Taken then to the realm of Madness, we find Mellu Loran with the Madness Coat on and Rac Shade, the original Shade. The book continues to take us further into new doorways for future storytelling. Loma Shade has grown a lot in the last six issues, but the changes have just begun to get interesting.

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Creator Talk

Cecil Castellucci seems to be getting better and better with the title as each new book comes out. She’s reaching deeper into the madness and creating a title worthy of its predecessors. Now that she has crafted her characters, it will be exciting to see what she will tell in future books. Midway through the issue, she even throws us a “Spin the Pencil” game warping the reading order of the panels. Also, in bringing the beloved Rac Shade back, we’re hoping she will show us more of what he’s up to and his current state in the Madness.

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Marley Zarcone’s artwork is hitting its peak with her psychedelic pulp-style. SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL #12 is the most complex and brain warping issue so far. Taking readers around and across the page, Marley’s demonstrating her amazing talent in every panel. Doing the inks for most of the book as well, her work is perfect for this mad world of characters.

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Not Dead, Even More, Alive Than Ever

Overall, SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL #12 is a great wrap up to the second volume of the YOUNG ANIMAL series. The issue’s artwork leaves readers with dropped jaws and tilted heads, and the fate of many characters so far leaves us hopeful for future adventures when the series returns. Cecil and Marley are putting out their best work, and we’re eager for the book to come back this January. Expect Shade to return with a full on YOUNG ANIMAL crossover and new issues being put out in 2018. If you haven’t caught up, now is the time.

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