SEX CRIMINALS is one of the most critically acclaimed comics for a reason, ladies and gentlemen. Consistently good plot, characters, and art make this book a definite must-read.

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sex crim 17

The issue opens with Suzie, our female protagonist, walking through the city. As she walks, a man hands her a newsletter, but inside is, of course, a d*** pic. She reacts as most people would; by pepper-spraying the man in the face.

It continues with some very, very SEX CRIMINALS-style things, including sexy furniture assembly, a confession, a relaxing break at work, and a conclusion … maybe.

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sex crim 17 panel

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Without giving too much away, it gets good. So good that I don’t want to ruin it in a review, so I’m going to keep it nice and short, just so you go and buy the book!

sex criminal 17 panel

Matt Fraction is an incredible writer. I’ve said this in previous reviews, but he really has a way with forming plot and characters. In previous issues, he’s made serious topics easier to read about, and in others, he goes above and beyond the expected humor of the series. This week was a bit more of the latter. A lot of this issue felt silly, but never too silly. I found myself genuinely laughing out loud several times and even closing the book for a moment to recover from a joke–written or graphic. The humor in SEX CRIMINALS is raunchy, but at the same time it works beautifully. Woven into the wit and raunch is a genuinely good story with romance, drama, mystery, and time-freezing orgasms.

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Along with the story, the art is stunning. Chip Zdarsky complements Fraction’s writing with his illustrations, using color in such a unique, beautiful way. Zdarsky’s illustrations add dimension to serious moments, jokes, and even makes jokes of its own. There are so many small, hidden touches to be found in the background of panels. Color is used in such a way that, most of the time, when Jon and Suzie are moving through time at a normal pace it is more muted and soft, while when they freeze time it’s beautiful, colorful, and vibrant.

sex criminals panel

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If you’re looking for a book that is well-written, beautifully illustrated, and full of mature humor, SEX CRIMINALS is your book. Even if you aren’t looking for that, you should pick up SEX CRIMINALS (provided you’re old enough) because it’s a wonderful journey, even if it gets a little raunchy sometimes.

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