It’s rare that we get big announcements in the manga world. It’s even rarer that we get news of three spectacular acquisitions all at once. Seven Seas Entertainment’s new manga all cover a variety of genres, tastes, and demographics. For avid manga readers, announcements like this are especially important. Manga is shifting away from physical and print copies more and more. Digital reading is not only easier to disseminate, but easier to read. Someone is much more likely to read a chapter or two on the train to work than carrying around multiple titles. And, having the convenience to browse a wide variety of manga series in English is great. This is why Seven Seas Entertainment is a strong service; Western readers can read the best stories out there without having to worry about piracy and illegitimate websites.

In addition to manga, the LA-based company publishes graphic novels and webcomics. As for the new additions, we have a full house. I MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND TO SHUT MY PARENTS UP is an emotional manga with yuri themes. MYTHICAL BEAST INVESTIGATOR explores the nature of being a beast and has plenty of magical fantasy. MUSHOKU TENSEI: ROXY GETS SERIOUS is a spin off from MUSHOKU TENSEI: JOBLESS REINCARNATION. Like its predecessor, it takes the common isekai platform and carves a niche for itself with interesting characters and amazing magic.


This manga follows working woman Morimoto as she struggles to gain agency and authority over her own life. Her parents, heeding to cultural standard, want Morimoto to get married quickly. They insist that she settle down with the perfect end and hurry her to find one. To that end, Morimoto constantly finds herself peppered with questions and pecks from her parents about love and marriage. Finally, she finds a chance to escape her parents worries about her romantic future. A woman in her office unexpectedly offers to be her wife, having a fake marriage in hopes of making her parents give it a rest.

Manga Cover from Seven Seas Entertainment
Fake relationships won’t stay fake for long! | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

But this sham of a relationship may be more real than Morimoto expected. The woman she marries does indeed have romantic feelings for her. From Morimoto’s point of view, everything started as a way to escape the “fate” her family wanted. But, ironically enough, she ma have jumped headfirst into it. Seven Seas Entertainment will publish I MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND TO SHUT MY PARENTS UP on June 11th, 2019. You can snag this yuri manga for $12.99 USA or $15.99 CAN, a small price to pay for a creative story.


Imagine living among dragons and every manner of fantasy monster. Now imagine being tasked with learning about these fearsome beasts. Thats the amazing job of the Mythical Beasts Investigators. It’s also the profession of this series’ protagonist, Ferry. Ferry has the looks and general air of a young adolescent girl. But, unlike the naivete her looks might suggest, she has intimate knowledge of magical creatures. Even more, she has the resolve to build peace between humans and monsters across the entire world.

Manga Cover from Seven Seas Entertainment
Childish looking geniuses and weird goth rabbits. What more could you want? | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

Ferry is joined by bodyguard Kushuna, who appears to have some sort of dark power that contrasts well with Ferry’s bright disposition. According to Seven Seas Entertainment, this is the kind of series perfect for anyone who enjoyed THE ANCIENT MAGUS’ BRIDE. If this series is anywhere near as incredible as that one, we have a lot to look forward to. Seven Seas Entertainment publishes MYTHICAL BEAST INVESTIGATOR on July 9th next year for $12.99 USA or $15.99 CAN in both digital and physical volumes.


The original manga series MUSHOKU TENSEI: JOBLESS REINCARNATION had a classic but tragic isekai beginning. A lonely thirty-four-year-old NEET finally decides to make some big changes to his life. However, just as he’s beginning to start anew, a truck savagely runs him over, killing him. But, rather than pass on to a heaven of standard construction, he finds himself born as an infant in a magical fantasy world. The first series followed his adventures as Rudeus Grayrat from infancy onward as he uses his past memories and redeems his failed life. Within that series, Rudeus had a magic teacher, Roxy, who trained him extensively.

Manga Cover from Seven Seas Entertainment
The teacher gets her own unique story! | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

This series follows Roxy’s unique backstory and early adventures. It’s rare to see teachers get more than a couple chapters of backstory. So, for one to get her entire own spin-off is fantastic.  This series is still ongoing in Japan, so you’ll get to follow Roxy’s life for some time to come. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing ROXY GETS SERIOUS in single volume editions starting April 30th, 2019. You can buy it for the same price as the others, $12.99 USA or $15.99 CAN.

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All three of these manga are sure to be an exciting addition to your real-life or digital bookshelf. Especially considering the many ways you can read manga from Seven Seas Entertainment, it’ll be even easier to read. I personally will be spending irresponsible amounts of time flipping through all of these the moment they come out. Plus, there are plenty more great series out there too. You can check out all of the great stuff over at Seven Seas right on their website.

Which of these new manga are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Seven Seas Entertainment.

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  1. Kara

    October 5, 2018 at 3:26 am

    I’m so excited for I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up though. I love stories that have friends to lovers plots, so this series seems like it will be right up my alley. Plus, I’m always looking for more yuri series to try out! I’ve actually been reading a new yuri series lately that’s pretty amazing so far! It’s called Girl in the Birdcage and it’s about two girls in art school, one who’s the top of the school, and severely bullied for her talent, and one whose talent isn’t really recognized. The girl who hasn’t been recognized holds a little bit of a grudge towards the top student, even though the top student has a crush on her. It’s definitely a very interesting series, and it manages to explore a lot of situations/topics that I haven’t really seen a lot of other yuri series cover. I highly recommend trying it out if you have the time.


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