Through a number of January 9 press releases, Seven Seas Entertainment revealed four new licenses coming soon in 2019. The new licenses include manga BECOME YOU: KIMI NI NARE, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DEVIL, and OUR WONDERFUL DAYS. Also included is light novel series REINCARNATED AS A SWORD. The first of these licenses will be released in August, with all except KIMI NI NARE also getting a digital release.

The visual for BECOME YOU: KIMI NI NARE, showing Ashie and his guitar.
The visual for BECOME YOU: KIMI NI NARE. | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

BECOME YOU: KIMI NI NARE already roused plenty of excitement because it’s created by ORANGE mangaka Ichigo Takano. Takano too created the manga DREAMIN’ SUN, which also became popular enough for an English translation. Meanwhile, the other writers of the new Seven Seas series are newer and started online. Still, their addition to the fray means that their work must be promising. To add to these differences, none of this new lineup is the same genre. Whether you’re interested in drama, humor, fantasy, or romance, there’s something for everyone among these releases!

A Buffet of Manga Delights

BECOME YOU: KIMI NI NARE launched in April 2018. It released in the same month as the new single of the same name from ORANGE ending theme band Kobukuro. KIMI NI NARE follows Ashie Taiyou, a high school musician whose bandmates abandoned him. Desperate to chase his dreams of fame, Taiyou convinces his classmate Hikari to form a band with him. Volume 1 of the drama manga will be released on September 10.

Next, Tonchi Kataoka introduces HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DEVIL. This comedic fantasy tells the story of a woman trying to use her magic sword to save a world overrun by demons. When she finds that the demon lord is baby, she gets roped into a contract making her his surrogate parent. She must get him to do enough good deeds to prove he has turned to the side of good, but he’ll have to overcome his nature first! October 8 will see both a digital and print release for the manga.

The visual for OUR WONDERFUL DAYS, showing Koharu and Mafuyu.
The visual for upcoming manga OUR WONDERFUL DAYS. | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

Now, let’s look at OUR WONDERFUL DAYS, a yuri manga by Kei Hamuro. This sweet high school romance opens with student Koharu, starstruck by gorgeous transfer student Mafuyu. It turns out the two have a connection that extends back to their childhoods. When the two girls start to rekindle their friendship, sparks begin to fly. A digital and print release of volume 1 comes November 12.

Finally, REINCARNATED AS A SWORD depicts a 30-year-old otaku suddenly killed in a car accident. Then, he finds himself reincarnated as a sword in a fantasy world! He wants a beautiful girl to wield him. Turns out, a catgirl named Fran might be his match. Yuu Tanaka writes the light novel series with illustrations by LLO. Digital and print release will be on August 6.

Snacks for the Road

The visual from Seven Seas' REINCARNATED AS A SWORD, depicting the sword and Fran.
The visual from REINCARNATED AS A SWORD. | Image: Seven Seas Entertainment

While you will have to wait until the second half of 2019 for these new releases, don’t lose hope! Seven Seas has a release list of the new titles for the first half of the year on their website. Catch up on the latest from longtime favorites like MISS KOBAYASHI’S DRAGON MAID, FAIRY TALE, and even CAPTAIN HARLOCK. Or pick out some new manga to try this year, like SKELETON KNIGHT IN ANOTHER WORLD or MYTHICAL BEAST INVESTIGATOR. You can even revisit ORANGE or DREAMIN’ SUN in preparation for Ichigo Takano’s newest work. No matter how you choose to spend your time, though, one thing is clear. This is looking like a promising new year for manga!

Featured image courtesy of Rakuten.

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