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Get Reviewed. 100% of the Time.

Sponsored Reviews

We all know how difficult it is to break into the comics industry. Getting your comic book reviewed is no easy feat! ComicsVerse routinely scours the internet for the best independent and crowdfunded comics to write about for our audience!

Unfortunately, there are so many great comics out there, we don’t get a chance to read them all, let alone review them! That’s why we created this service. We want to write a sponsored review for you!

From February 16, 2018, to March 19, 2018, ComicsVerse garnered 5.65 million page views alone. That number increases every month. At the moment, each article receives an average of 5,800 views. Between our 42,000 Twitter followers, 16,000 Facebook friends, and 10,000 Instagram followers, we can assure you we’ll do everything to get your comic out there and to our fans!

While we cannot guarantee the number of views your article(s) will receive, we do guarantee 100% of our resources to get the word out and promote your work!

So send us your comic book. We’ll review it, and promote it for you on social media too!

Your review will be excellently and professionally search optimized for Google’s complex search algorithms, so when people search for your comic by name, they will easily find it.
In addition to getting attention from the general public, we’ll also post the review on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for you!

  • $60 for a sponsored review which includes one Facebook and Twitter post.
  • $99 will get you a sponsored review and an analysis of your work in addition to the aforementioned social media posts!
  • $599 will get you a sponsored video interview and a written review of your work in addition to the aforementioned social media posts!
  • We won’t give you a negative review. If we feel we can’t review your comic to your satisfaction
  • we’ll politely decline and offer the Media & Editing Services described below!

Sponsored Review Examples

Sponsored Video Review Example

How Good is Your Comic Book? Let us tell you using science (and some art too)!

Comic Book Marketing and Editing Services

Many of ComicsVerse employees hold a Ph.D. or Master’s Degree in English, Comic Book Literature, and/or Screenwriting. Some have written comics and articles for Marvel, your favorite television shows, and the New York Times. In addition to achieving success in their own right, ComicsVerse’s talented staff also write for ComicsVerse and edit our original webcomics.

This package includes the following:

  • We help identify your target audience.
  • We assemble and conduct a focus group and conduct marketing research about your comic.
  • Our editors are chosen based on your target audience and will provide a report
  • between two and ten pages
  • offering their advice on how to improve your comic book.

This information will give you ideas on where you need to advertise and promote your comic in addition to getting helpful ideas from comic book creators, academics, and journalists!

  • $200 for one opinion
  • $500 for one opinion and demographic report
  • $600 for two opinions and demographic report
  • $900 for four opinions and demographic report
  • $99 for each additional opinion past four

Banner Advertisements

ComicsVerse has a diverse and engaged audience, and we would be happy to promote your comic through our various banner advertisements packages!

  • $1000 for the bottom of every page per month
  • $2000 for the top of every article per month
  • $5000 for the main top header per month

Let Us Make a Movie For You!

Video Services

We’ll conduct a video interview with you that you can also use to help promote your work! Here’s an example!

A video interview like the one you see above starts at $499.

Want a video featuring you, the creator, or a video about you creating a character or comic book? Here’s an example of what that might look like!

Videos for Events

We also attend conventions, signings, and other events where recording video is required. We capture the event with our camera team and promptly edit the footage into a promotional video like the one you can find below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sponsored review?

ComicsVerse routinely reviews comic books from all publishers. However, we simply can’t review every comic book we receive. To the end, we are allowing people the opportunity to purchase a sponsored review. The review will provide you will a link with a high domain authority and the opportunity to use the review as a marketing tool for your website or Kickstarter campaign.

What are the benefits of purchasing a sponsored review?

As mentioned, people will be able to find your comic book easier. A search of the name of your comic book, if it’s unusual enough, will likely lead to your ComicsVerse review providing sales leads to your comic book.

How is it different than a typical review found on

In the interest of being honest, the only difference is sponsored reviews say they are sponsored in the first paragraph or through a visual badge on the page containing the article.

How many people will read it if I purchase a sponsored review?

If we knew the answer to this, we’d be running the internet! You’ll likely get a minimum of several hundred readers. Some of our popular articles earn up to 5k unique hits in a single day and tens of thousands over several weeks.

Do you also promote my comic book and the sponsored review on social media?

Yes, we make sure to promote your review and/or comic book on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What if you don’t like my comic book/the review isn’t positive?

If we don’t think we can write you a positive review, we’ll politely decline the offer to review it. However, you may be interested in one of our editing or marketing packages.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us! For more information about ComicsVerse and our site statistics, please see our media kit!