You’re probably familiar with Viz Media, the American manga/anime distribution company. But, what you might not know is that Viz Media has never produced their own original anime series. According to recent news, however, that’s all about to change. On May 9th, 2018, Netflix announced it will team up with Viz Media to create the latter’s first original anime series called SEIS MANOS. Powerhouse Animation is also on board as they will be developing/producing the series. Netflix expects to launch the series globally sometime in 2019. This original anime will take place in Mexico during the 1970s.

Potential for a Groundbreaking Anime

The story of SEIS MANOS follows the lives of three young martial arts experts. The young trio teams up with local officials to avenge the death of their murdered sensei. Other than this, not much else is known about the series. However, the year and location that Viz Media chose are intriguing. Most anime occur in Japan, so the fact that SEIS MANOS breaks this mold opens up a world of possibilities.

For example, not many people know that Mexico in the early 1970s was subjected to a lot of turmoil. There were several revolutionist groups that tried to overthrow the Government. Danger loomed everywhere until about 1976 when Jose Portillo served as President. He implemented anti-guerilla campaigns and really cracked down on safety in Mexico. Should SEIS MANOS choose to follow these events, they could focus heavily on the political aspect, creating a truly special storyline.

Chief Marketing Officer of Viz Media Brad Woods said: “This show combines the absolute best in action and storytelling.” To this end, Powerhouse Animation CEO Brad Graber himself will co-create the series. Alvaro Rodriguez, whose co-written for big named movies like MACHETE, will write for SEIS MANOS as well. Last but not least, Willis Bulliner will direct the series. Bulliner also directed CASTLEVANIA, which had beautiful animation and storytelling. With him at the helm, SEIS MANOS should be in good hands.

If SEIS MANOS is anything like CASTLEVANIA, then we’re in for a treat | Image: Netflix

No matter the route Viz Media takes, SEIS MANOS has the potential to be culturally significant. SEIS MANOS has the opportunity to properly represent Hispanic culture here. Only time will tell how it’s done, but an interesting storyline integrated with Hispanic culture could be a formula for success.

Getting Black Anime Characters Right

SEIS MANOS Can’t Come Soon Enough

It’s a shame more information isn’t available yet on SEIS MANOS. Personally, the anticipation for the series is really going to kill me. Even though Viz Media hasn’t yet created its own original anime, they have 31 years of experience streaming anime and manga. They know all the elements of a terrific series, but producing one is a different story. Surrounding themselves with lucrative companies like Netflix and Powerhouse Animation can only help them in the long-run.

Netflix itself has been on an anime tear lately. They’re slated to release 30+ anime exclusive titles this year alone. Powerhouse Animation is working on a good chunk of them too and already has impressive titles under its belt like CASTLEVANIA. Viz Media and Netflix’s collaboration is a great sign for anime. It shows the genre is doing well, and it continues to globalize across the world.

Netflix provided the following link for people to stay up to date on SEIS MANOS information:

Featured Image Courtesy of 6manos

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