With no DC cameos to get in his way, Ethan Avery has a chance in the spotlight in DAMAGE #7. Yet he didn't shine in this issue. Unfortunately, the plot is beginning to feel repetitive. However, the artwork captures the action-packed moments just as well as the somber ones.
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Losing Control

In DAMAGE #7, we learn the heart-wrenching reason behind Damage’s creation. As the chase to capture Ethan continues, Colonel Jonas reflects on losing control of the Damage Program. Also, let me point out that this might be the first issue in this series that doesn’t include a DC cameo. So can Damage stand out on his own? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Ethan Fights for Control in DAMAGE #5

Losing Control in DAMAGE #7

DAMAGE #7 opens with an unconscious man on life support. That man is Colonel Jonas’ husband. She begins to explain that she has made a big mistake; Damage is on the loose. Interestingly enough, she recounts the origins of the Damage project. Every volunteer died during the experimentation, except for Ethan Avery. We then dive into her own past. She remembers a soldier named Kingsley, who died in action. From the same explosion that killed him, Colonel Jonas lost an eye and her husband ended up in a coma. On the day of Kingsley’s funeral, she swore she would do something to stop soldiers from dying in war. So, Kingsley’s death inspired the Damage project. She believes Ethan is “the sacrifice. He’s the one soldier that can fight all the battles.”

DAMAGE #7 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Speaking of Ethan, what’s he up to in DAMAGE #7? Causing more damage, as usual. While on a steamer ship headed north, Ethan is found by his pursuers. Once again, he transforms into Damage and chaos ensues. There’s this incredibly destructive fight between Damage and Colonel Jonas’ team. Her operatives all have special abilities, but they aren’t enough to capture the hulking behemoth. Then, the ship sinks. After Damage swims to shore, his hour is up and Ethan passes out on land. DAMAGE #7 concludes with Ethan being loaded up into an ambulance, destination unknown.

What will happen next for Ethan Avery? Frankly, I have no idea. Although the plot is beginning to grow a bit stale, I’m still curious and want to keep reading, if only to see if the story becomes more interesting or fizzles out. I just hope that ambulance is driving Ethan towards a fresher storyline.

Explosive Visuals

With Damage comes great destruction in his wake. Considering how the story is, this will never change. The artwork by Trevor Scott and Diogenes Neves highlights how monstrous and powerful Damage is. When the beast is fighting Colonel Jonas’ team in DAMAGE #7, he’s smashing and crashing right off the page. I was blown away by the sheer mayhem captured in the visuals.

Aside from the action-packed fight scenes, the moments with Colonel Jonas in the hospital are dark and emotional. When the Colonel is crying at her husband’s bedside, confessing her guilt, there’s a shadow surrounding the room, adding to the depressing atmosphere. The visuals create a melancholy feeling that cuts through all the intense parts of the story.

DAMAGE #7 Page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Move Over Ethan

With no DC cameos to get in his way, this issue was Ethan’s moment to shine. Unfortunately, he barely twinkled. We don’t see much growth in Ethan’s character in DAMAGE #7. Other than gaining more control over the monster inside him, Damage is still same old, same old. His only saving grace is his determination to find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Instead of just smashing blindly through any enemy, his plans give him purpose and motivation as a character. At least there’s some hope for him.

The one who’s actually at the center of DAMAGE #7 is Colonel Jonas. This is a surprise to me; she always seems so straight and stoic. Shockingly enough, her stone walls come down in this issue. There are these sentimental moments when she is at her unconscious husband’s side. Since she’s responsible for the Damage Program, we feel her overwhelming guilt in these hospital scenes. Honestly, my heart went out to her as she cried beside her husband. Despite creating a monster, for me, there was something really touching about a soldier and wife who wanted to prevent any more deaths in war.

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Final Thoughts on DAMAGE #7

DAMAGE #7 was a good issue. It wasn’t great, by any means. Ironically, Damage wasn’t the star of DAMAGE #7. What stole the show for me were Colonel Jonas’ emotional moments with her husband and the gut-wrenching origins of the Damage Program. Also, the artwork by Trevor Scott and Diogenes Neves does a fantastic job at capturing Damage’s destruction as well as the somberness of the hospital scenes.

With Damage destroying everything in sight and the Colonel’s team chasing him, the plot is becoming somewhat monotonous; like a cat and mouse chase that will never end. How long will this big pursuit last? Is the DAMAGE series losing momentum? Hopefully, the story will pick up in the next issue.

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