Break out that bubbly and head over to your favorite local comic book store! Marvel just announced select retailers will take part in SECRET EMPIRE #1 Launch Parties!

When are the SECRET EMPIRE #1 Launch Parties, you ask? Why, Marvel says to run, not walk to your local comic shop on May 3, 2017, to get your copy of the highly anticipated SECRET EMPIRE #1!

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SECRET EMPIRE is written by the famed CAPTAIN AMERICA writer, Nick Spencer, with art by Steve McNiven, cover by Mark Brooks, and variant covers by Adi Granov, Andrea Sorrentino, J. Scott Campbell, and Dana Mora! There’s also a party variant cover by Todd Nauck and an action figure variant by John Tyler Christopher!

SECRET EMPIRE #1 Launch Parties will not leave fans coming to purchase their copy of the comic empty handed! Comic stores will be armed with SECRET EMPIRE Pins, SECRET EMPIRE Lenticular Backing Boards “equipped to store your issues of SECRET EMPIRE in style,” Marvel says, and more!

Steve McNiven’s awesome cover of SECRET EMPIRE #1 features an incredible cast of Marvel characters. From Captain Marvel, Thor, Storm, Spider-Man, Old Man Logan, Rocket Racoon, and Ms. Marvel to Medusa, Iron Heart, and Captain America!

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Hydra seems to be back and taking no prisoners in SECRET EMPIRE, which appears to affect all the characters in the Marvel Universe. Variant covers feature Jean Grey, America Chavez, Juggernaut, Hulk, Doctor Octopus and so many more of your favorite Marvel superheroes!

Have a look at this awesome animated GIF featuring the different kinds of SECRET EMPIRE lenticular backing boards!

SECRET EMPIRE lenticular backing boards will be given out at SECRET EMPIRE #1 launch parties across the USA!

SECRET EMPIRE #1 Launch Party Image Gallery

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