BATWOMAN #18 by Marguerite Bennett, Fernando Blanco, Dan Panosian, and Michael Cho
In BATWOMAN #18, we see the beautiful and inspiring end to this chapter of Kate Kane's life!
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Another villain defeated, years put back together, a life restored, and a second chance. This is a proper, fitting, heartwarming, and inspiring ending in BATWOMAN #18 by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Fernando Blanco and the variant cover by Michael Cho.

Warning, potential spoilers are below!

Kairos: The Past

We start off continuing a battle with Batwoman and Renee Montoya against William Tockman (AKA Clock King) in BATWOMAN #18. While reading BATWOMAN #17, we’re aware the events occurring with Tockman are after Kate saves her sister from the Many Arms of Death. He’s also the man using robots to distribute his drug Kairos, which lets you see all points in time in your life.

BATWOMAN #18 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While Batwoman and Montoya are fighting Tockman, he tries tempting the duo to take Kairos by pointing out they don’t have superpowers. He explains it would be beneficial because they “can see crime before it happens.” While offering the drug, Tockman holds a dagger behind his back, thinking he’s sly. Montoya catches him and smacks it away. Angered by this, Tockman crushes the pills in his hand and tries drugging them both, only affecting Batwoman briefly.

Batwoman sees the past with Renee and reflects on the last year and her accomplishments; better known as “the moment of opportunity,” as Tockman calls it. She sees two paths: the one she’s on and the one she could have taken. Kate Kane, our Batwoman, lives her life with constant change and walked the path she did. That path made her grow as a person and as a crime-fighting detective.

Kairos: The Present and the Future

Kate and Renee manage to defeat Tockman by trapping him on the hand of a clock. As they walk to Renee’s apartment, they reminisce on the recent victory. With an emotional lead-up, Kate receives another chance with Renee by being asked on a first date. Before she can answer, duty calls for the duo, as always.

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A Poetic End in BATWOMAN #18

With Kate as the narrator, she speaks to the reader like she’s teaching a valuable life lesson about time. “Time has meaning because we give it meaning,” she says. That statement and the art illustrates the moments of her and Renee in their normal life — that the choices Kate makes are made with the time she has. This is a sort of symbolic meaning that she now is able to choose to live in the moment. No longer does Kate have to face the darkness of the past or feel anxiety about the future, even if it’s unknown. We have to make every choice worth it in the moment. Batwoman reminds us that we may have parts of our lives that leave, but that doesn’t mean they never mattered.

As Batwoman, she asks us to continue to be better, kinder, and to do our best to be happy. Life after death is unknown and as long as we have our lives, we must not forget to live. There is more for us to look forward to as long as we live.

BATWOMAN #18 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The ending monologue Kate narrates honestly bought tears to my eyes. It’s probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Marguerite Bennett, you are forever a legendary writer.

On the last page, Kate stands tall in her Batwoman cowl. It might be the end of the series, but not the end of Batwoman.

Artistic Brilliance

Throughout the series, we’ve been able to marvel at the rich color and design of our beloved Batwoman done by Fernando Blanco. The final page of BATWOMAN #18 is one of my favorites. The richness of Batwoman remains while presenting a breathtaking background. It seems to symbolize a new light in Kate’s life.

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Final Thoughts 

This might be the end of BATWOMAN, but it’s “never the end.”

BATWOMAN #18 could be the end of Batwoman for good, but Kate Kane is a deep, dark, and damaged character that I want to see have a real happy ending. Saving her sister from the Many Arms of Death and rekindling lost love is a wonderful end to this chapter in her life. However, with all the captivating words Kane said, it leaves me hoping that since she’s still alive and living in the moment that a new chapter of Batwoman can be introduced with all of us seeing a more evolved version of her. She’s grown so much and to see her perform with this newfound knowledge and maturity would be a treasure.

We still need her to have the happy ending she wanted (that absolutely includes going on that date with Renee). Batman gets the girl, why can’t Batwoman, too? Who knows, maybe we’ll see her again soon!

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