MAN SEEKING WOMAN is a favorite show you never knew you had — and why you ask? Well, it has comedy, Jay Baruchel, and a new take on a relatable plot. A plot about dating in your 20-somethings (or trying to) along with trying to figure out how to successfully commit to a relationship.

MAN SEEKING WOMAN comes on the same channel as IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY on FXX and premieres right after on January 4th, 2017 at 10:30 PM ET/PT. So, instead of going to bed and catching some zzz’s make sure you tune into MAN SEEKING WOMAN for their season three premiere.

But, of course, I am not going to just tell you to watch it without giving you a few reasons from the previous seasons why this show is great.


Right before an alien, troll, or something else devious comes after Josh and his girlfriend at the time (lol)

The show is based on Simon Rich’s book of short stories, The Last Girlfriend on Earth. MAN SEEKING WOMAN is about a character named Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) and his life throughout his relationship troubles. Although it is mainly about his relationship troubles, it delves deeper than that. Josh is a 20-something-year-old guy who seems to be meeting the wrong women in his life and struggles with commitment. Either that or the wrong women keep meeting him and that results in a failure of the relationship. However, it could also be his terrible job, apartment, and confidence in general, or everything combined… There is just a whole lot of struggling in Josh’s life.

The two characters in the show that are prominently in his life are his best friend Mike and his sister, Liz. His best friend Mike (Eric André) is the complete opposite of him in terms of basically everything. He is cool, well-off, and confident. He has no issues with a bad job, a bad apartment, or bad women either. As cool as Mike seems on the outside, he is a bad influence on the inside and is often getting Josh into sex and drugs. We also often see Josh’s sister Liz (Britt Lower), who is a corporate lawyer and wants Josh to get his antics together. However, the turmoil that Josh goes through when he does end up finding love is a battle with himself and the relationship: A battle on keeping the relationship alive as well as getting out of it alive.

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Josh battles with keeping a long-term, committed relationship, and everything that comes with it. Everything including anniversaries, dates, meeting their friends, making sure your friends meet theirs (and like them), and learning to be a team. Josh has to battle with all of those inclusions throughout the seasons.

All of this seems very serious, but when you watch the show it creates more laughs than anything else. It expertly handles potentially depressing topics with humor and cleverness.

Meet the troll… well her name is Gorbachaka…

The first ever episode, titled “Lizard,” involves Josh being dumped by his girlfriend, whom he was dating for six years. The beginning of the episode starts with the girlfriend breaking up with him and Josh carrying his stuff back home. There is a cloud of rain following only him and a dead bird falls on his head, which is funnier than it sounds. However, Josh is currently not moving on very well, so his bad influence friend Mike talks him into getting a new girlfriend.

Josh then decides to go on a date and even shaves his beard to look presentable. Beforehand, he is talking to Mike about the girl that his sister Liz set him up with, saying she’s from Sweden. Mike then asks what she looks like and Josh has no idea. Josh is basing this girl on his sister’s ‘Tinder bio’ of her. This girl ends up being an actual lizard/troll named Gorbachaka.

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His sister then clarifies that she was born in the Scandinavian forest and not actually in Sweden. Josh looks puzzled. Liz then says he’s being selfish because he’s judging her based on how she looks and he does not look all that great either. Liz goes on to protect her by saying, “She brought herself up from nothing.” At this point, I didn’t know if Liz was being serious or not, but it made me laugh.

This episode of MAN SEEKING WOMAN also has Hitler in it (Josh’s ex-girlfriend is dating him) and it honestly is the best part. I suggest you watch this episode (and all of them) before watching season three if you have not. They are all on Hulu and they are all hilarious by far.

Josh, his best friend Mike, his ex-girlfriend and Hitler having a BLAST!

What this show does exponentially well is the comedy. This show instills a fresh plot that makes it relatable to (basically) everyone. Fresh meaning that it is a plot that may not be as new (considering others have done something similar); but, it makes a fresh, new take on it. If you ask someone, no matter what age, if they have ever had trouble with dating, they would probably answer yes. It does not have to be in this same way, but they understand the struggles of the dating scene.

Dating when you are in your 20s will always be awkward and uncomfortable, especially when you do not like the person as much as you thought. Keeping up with others, making plans, paying money… for it all to not work out is tough. This show depicts that in a very innovative and comical way, that I personally enjoy watching. Aside from the comedy and innovative style, the show does the plot very well.

In an interview with Baruchel, he talks about the show:

“It’s just showcasing what it’s like to be in a romance, his whole stupid thing, there’s nothing like it. You’re happier than you’ll be ever be. You’re sadder than you’ll ever be and, often, stuff in the middle. It’s something that applies to each and every single one of us and so I like to think that when people see this thing they will see at least one thing they went through. Ideally, a whole bunch of things they went through because this show is about human nature and what it is to be single and to be one of these social animals we call humans.”

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The plot never changes. For the most part, it stays the same. That is not to be said in a bad way at all — that is meant to be a very good thing. This show is something that has particular parts that differ, but the plot is exactly what is stated every time the show comes on. You don’t get a million and one characters coming into the show every single episode — not many new characters are introduced aside from “the girlfriends.” I find that, personally, to be why I enjoy the show so much. I can expect it to be funny every time I turn it on and no matter what episode. That is what I mean by the plot never changing.

Baruchel himself even states in that same interview:

“Yes, I think that the more sort of grounded and real or naturalistic, the more that we keep our reactions in that realm, the crazier stuff we can do. I think if everybody was firing on all cylinders and constantly acknowledging the insanity in front of us the whole time, there would be no place for this show to go and would wear itself out pretty quick. I also think those two tones, kind of, they play defense against one another as well as heightening one another. I think our show can go all the crazier because of how sort of small and intimate and real it is and vice versa as well. So, yes, I think there is a massive benefit and I think the show would be way less funny if everybody was going crazy all the time.”

When you see certain television shows you get that sense of people going crazy until they have no crazy left, the plot is forever changing. Take HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. The plot is forever changing because a character is doing something crazy. You never know what is happening next and while that is fun for the first two seasons, it does get old after a while because you know what is coming next… some sort of crazy. MAN SEEKING WOMAN does that differently — like Baruchel stated, it is real and natural. In other words, the plot never changes, you are not seeing a bunch of crazy to suffice for the flow of the show.

The plot itself cannot be compared to much of anything out there right now, which is where the innovative comes in. But, it does remind me of shows such as THE MINDY PROJECT, where the comedy aspect is present and so is the dating life. Since this plot is different than anything we have seen within the last few years it is refreshing — refreshing in a sense that it actually makes you laugh. Not many shows aside from THE MIDDLE and THE GOLDBERGS on television actually make you laugh throughout the entire episode and/or series.


Season three is coming next week and the first episode is going to start the season off right. The first episode is titled “Futon,” and it is about Lucy and Josh making the whole “relationship, living together situation” work. Josh and Lucy are in love and with this new season, they will battle everything that Josh could not do right in the first two seasons. However, they are in love so it should all work out, right? Right? Not necessarily, as we will see them get into some interesting situations as a test of their commitment, and we will find out if the quests will end up with them lasting, well, forever. Lucy is a new character, Josh has never had a longtime love other than his season one ex-girlfriend. This is an entirely new character that is in season three, which is enough to look forward to.

MAN SEEKING WOMAN is a must watch television show — it has everything that you need, from comedy to actors and actresses to entertainment. The show proves to be innovative in all of those areas and that is why they make this show what it is. To explain what I mean by comedy, actors/actresses and entertainment we will start with the comedy aspect. The comedy aspect is derived from these actors and actresses. Sure, anyone can act in a show and pull it off; however, this show proves these actors and actresses are not shy to the comedic scene.

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From Eric André to Jay Baruchel who have proven themselves with films such as, THIS IS THE END, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE and THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW — the comedy aspect is not new for these two actors. Comedy comes naturally to them and it proves to be important with a show that has about a handful of characters that are recurring.

The entertainment aspect rolls along smoothly with the show in terms of how the flow of the show goes whilst watching it. It is seamless. It proves to be minimalistic, which is why entertainment is important in a show like MAN SEEKING WOMAN. If the comedy was not a hit, the show, therefore, would not be either because of the simplicity of the plot. But, since it does comedy very well — it proves to provide a great basis for the show overall.

It is clever, refreshing and smart in so many ways. It uses the plot of something and makes it clever, makes you want to watch it more and more. It is smart that way as well because it provides that intelligent factor in getting you to keep watching it with the clever, comedic and refreshing style. That could come from the actors and actresses in the show, they help in many of those ways because they do such a good job with the script.

I will be watching January 4th, 2017 at 10:30 PM. Will you?


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