In our escapades at SDCC, we caught Janet Harvey, writer of ANGEL CITY! She kindly allowed us to interview her at her signing booth with Oni Press for a few minutes! Harvey has previously worked as a game writer, notably on the DC Universe Online MMORPG, and has written comics for DC, Image, IDW, and Tokyopop.


CV: Would you like to tell us about ANGEL CITY and tell us where it’s at currently?

JH: Yeah! Well ANGEL CITY is a six-issue miniseries from ONI [Press] that just finished its run. We’re collecting it, and the trade paperback called ANGEL CITY: TOWN WITHOUT PITY is coming out August 16th—and will be in bookstores!


CV: And what is featured in this super cool collection?

JH: Well, it’s the story of Dolores Dare, who’s a gangster mall/cocktail waitress who becomes a vigilante. Her best friend is murdered and found in the dumpster behind the Chinese Theater. It’s all set in LA in the 30s, and her best friend is killed, and so she goes to find out who killed her. She comes up against the mob and the studios and this corrupt web of Hollywood power that is trying to keep the story silent.

So that’s basically the story-line, and she kind of grows herself through the process of trying to find out what happened to her best friend.

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CV: How did the idea for ANGEL CITY come to you?

JH: So there’s a lot of parallels with the Black Dahlia Murder. I’m a big True Crime fan, so I was into a lot of the seedier Hollywood stories and James Ellroy’s books and stuff like that. I was reading about that—that was a big inspiration for the story-line and the crime. I also am a big fan of BLACK CANARY, and I think the genesis of the character came from me thinking, well what if there was actually somebody in fishnets who was a cocktail waitress who started fighting crime? And that was what led to this other story.


CV: What about creating this character appealed to you? How did it challenge you?

JH: Well I love Dolores, and she’s got a dark side to her. She really has some internal struggles that she’s going through, and she’s very cynical in some ways. She’s a person who’s kind of been kicked around by life a little bit and has lost hope. So she kind of has to get her hope back and her self-confidence back, and that’s part of her journey.

And she kicks a lot of butt, but that does not determine her. She’s not just a strong woman who beats people up. She actually has a temper, she kinda flies off the handle, and that’s not always portrayed as a good thing. So a lot is going on with that.

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CV: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JH: The book comes out in August, so look for it in bookstores August 16th!

You can find ANGEL CITY: TOWN WITHOUT PITY online at ComiXology! Follow up with Harvey on Twitter, with ANGEL CITY artist Megan Levens on Twitter and Instagram and ANGEL CITY colorist Nick Filardi on Twitter and Instagram.

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