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Every year fans flock to the panels at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only do attendees get to witness their favorite movie and television stars answer questions about their medium, but the fans also get a quick peek into these movies and TV shows with exclusive trailers. One network with the most anticipated panels and trailers this year is The CW.

The network now features five DC Comics television shows. These include BLACK LIGHTNING, SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Most importantly, The CW is home to the series that started them all, ARROW. Here, we will take a deeper look into the exciting ARROW season 7 trailer!

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Where Did We Leave Off in Arrow Season 6?

Throughout the previous season, Team Arrow is completely in shambles. Faced with a lack of trust, a lack of respect, and a lack of order, the superhero group divided. The newest members of the team (Wild Dog, Black Canary, and Mister Terrific) felt betrayed and left to form their own team. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, and John Diggle remain as a unit. However, Oliver ends up alienating Diggle as well. In the season 6 finale, Oliver tries to make a sincere amends to each of his former companions with some success.

Also, after several twists and turns, Ricardo Diaz (aka the Dragon) turns out to be the big bad of season 6. He was first seen as a thug working for super computer hacker Cayden James. Diaz quickly turned and murdered James, revealing his status as the puppet master behind all the events leading to James’ targeting of Oliver.

Coming from nothing, Diaz wanted to accumulate as much power as possible, which included Star City. To do that, he had to take out the city’s protector, the Green Arrow. In the end, Black Canary sonic blasts Diaz off a roof into a body of water but survives.

ARROW Season 7
Mayor Oliver Queen, Courtesy of The CW

The very end of the finale finds Oliver Queen in handcuffs as he admits to the accusation that he is the vigilante the Green Arrow. He made a deal with the FBI for their help to fight against Diaz and company. The cost was the admission and arrest without resistance.

Oliver Queen: Inmate 4587

The ARROW season 7 trailer begins with Oliver Queen in his jail cell. After a quick Green Arrow workout consisting of pull-ups and inverted pushups, Oliver makes a tally mark on the wall along with the others. It looks as though he has been incarcerated for about five months.

A conversation behind a glass winder with Diggle supports the length of time. Oliver still has his best friend, so it seems like the amends with John was effective. Oliver tells Diggle that he just wants to keep his head down, avoid conflict, and do his time. Though, that may not be up to Oliver…

ARROW Season 7
Oliver in Jail, Courtesy of The CW

Oliver Reunites With Old Foes

Next, there is footage of several other inmates in prison with Oliver. Many no-name inmates attack Oliver while he is in the shower. It’s a classic prison television scene, with Oliver getting the better of them. Even though we haven’t seen these bad guys before, it is safe to assume they are probably random villains who blame the Green Arrow for their jail time.

Not all the inmates are unknown. We get a few glimpses of a few members of the Green Arrow rogues gallery, who Oliver also defeated. We see Derek Sampson (professional wrestler Cody Runnels), Danny Brickwell (Vinnie Jones), and Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White). This triumvirate of bad guys will definitely make Oliver’s life in prison much worse. It creates more excitement in the prison than I would have thought.

It would be way too easy if Oliver only had to fight ordinary men. I did, however, think that Bronze Tiger died in the show while operating as a member of the Suicide Squad. Hopefully, the show will explain that supposed death.

ARROW Season 7
Bronze Tiger and Danny Brickwell, Courtesy of The CW

Furthermore, these are not the only villains to make their return to ARROW season 7. Ricardo Diaz is back for some unfinished business. He wants to take away everything Oliver loves in retaliation for taking Oliver taking everything away from him. Next, we see what looks like Diaz chasing down Oliver’ son Conner.

It feels a little repetitive from last season. The exception is that Diaz is not coming back to Star City alone since it is reported that the Longbow Hunters will be coming with him.

What Happened to the Other Vigilantes?

In a surprise, the ARROW season 7 trailer shows Laurel Lance addressing the press. Whether she has political power or is an attorney again is unknown, but the formerly evil Laurel seems to have remained as good as the late detective Lance wanted her to be. She tells the press that the anti-vigilante initiative is still going strong.

Meanwhile, Wild Dog and Black Canary are heroes on the sidelines. It is uncertain what Rene has been doing during the five months without vigilantes, but Dinah has been fighting crime as a police officer. Felicity, on the other hand, continues to take care of Conner and it looks like she will face another challenge with Diaz coming after Oliver’s son.

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ARROW Season 7 Has a New Green Arrow

The biggest question mark of the ARROW season 7 trailer and possibly the whole season is the identity of a new archer. After five months without vigilantes, a new hero is on the rise. He possesses the look, the ability, and the weaponry similar to the Green Arrow. The new hero could not be Oliver since he’s in prison.

So who could he be? My first guess is Diggle. At the end of season 6, Oliver gives John a Green Arrow suit. John desperately wanted to take up the mantle of the Arrow, so he could be the obvious choice. Second, it may be Roy Harper aka Arsenal. He returned in season 6 and it is confirmed that he will return again in ARROW season 7.

A third option could be Connor. In the ARROW season 7 trailer, he sports a green hoodie. Not only that, in the comics Connor follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes Green Arrow. Maybe it will be none of the above, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

ARROW Season 7
Green Arrow, Courtesy of The CW

Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax

When Oliver Queen reveals himself as the Green Arrow and is sent to jail in the season 6 finale of ARROW, I was immediately excited. I quickly believed that ARROW season 7 would revolve around a storyline for a Green Arrow movie that was proposed over a decade ago. David S Goyer (writer of such films as BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, BLADE, and MAN OF STEEL) was ready to create this film, which would have been a first for the Green Arrow on the big screen.

The superhero movie was to be named GREEN ARROW: ESCAPE FROM SUPERMAX. The storyline involved the Green Arrow being arrested and sent to prison. Just as the ARROW season 7 trailer depicts. Oliver would have to figure a way to escape the prison since he is sentenced to life. Also, again like the ARROW season 7 trailer shows, Oliver is surrounded by criminals that he put in there and want to kill him.

ARROW Season 7
The Count of Monte Cristo, Courtesy of The CW

I hope this is the storyline new showrunner Beth Schwartz decides to run with. There are many similarities, but ARROW season 7 will probably not be as flashy. This is because GREEN ARROW: ESCAPE FROM SUPERMAX would have involved many powered villains and technology to hamper them.

So far, the villains look to be human, albeit strong humans. There is also a small nod to a prison break in the trailer. A picture of Felicity and Connor rests on top of a copy of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. This could be a red herring or a joke, but I hope not.

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ARROW Season 7 premieres Monday, October 15.

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