Admittedly, there is something rather sinister about the Disney/Marvel conglomerate, especially since they’re about to assimilate 20th Century Fox. But man, they sure know how to hire top-notch actors for their cartoon animals! This past Friday, Don Cheadle revealed that he will be voicing Donald Duck himself. Well, it’s more a guest appearance, Cheadle will just be voicing the character in the season finale of DUCKTALES 2017.

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The SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE panel then revealed that Spider-Ham will be appearing in the film. And if you thought Don Cheadle was an unexpected choice, guess what? Spider-Ham’s voice is none other than J. J. Bittenbinder’s arch-nemesis: comedian John Mulaney.

But Cheadle and Mulaney weren’t the only big news on that fateful Friday. I mean, practically speaking, it wouldn’t make sense. You don’t host a Comic-Con panel for your expensive TV-series and/or movie just to show off one guy you hired. Both DUCKTALES and INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE had plenty of reveals to go around.

Given the how fast the internet news cycle goes these days, you might have missed them the first time. Or, maybe you just want to see all the general info for both properties in one place. If that’s the case, this recap should help you keep track of what’s been released so far.

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I’m guessing that INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is the more popular property at the moment; so, I’ll start with that. A Comic-Con exclusive trailer was aired at the SPIDER-VERSE panel that has yet to be released to the public. However, Comic-Con goers have posted descriptions of the trailer.

Based on those aforementioned descriptions, the multiverse aspect of the film will be playing a large role. As stated in my guide to INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, the comics version of Mark Morales became Spider-man after his universe’s version of Peter Parker died. According to the descriptions, SPIDER-VERSE Mark Morales seems to be in a similar situation. The Comic-Con exclusive trailer begins with newscasts about Peter Parker’s death. It turns out that the shabbier, older Spider-man we saw in the earlier trailer isn’t actually from Morales’ dimension.

The trailer then goes on to make the multiverse concept even more explicit by introducing several more alternate Spider-men. We already knew about Spider-Gwen, who also reveals in this exclusive trailer that she’s from another dimension. However, the trailer goes on to reveal Spider-man Noir, Spider-Ham, and Peni Parker.

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Spider-Man & His Amazing Multiverse Counterparts

Images courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Spider-man Noir is more violent and ruthless version of Spider-man from a dimension that takes place during the great depression. Since he is a grim-and-gritty alternate counterpart, Noir dresses in black leather and Kevlar and uses guns. He’s also going to be voiced by Nic Cage in INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. This cements Spider-Man Noir’s legacy as one of the edgiest Spidey incarnations.

Spider-Ham, on the other hand, is from a universe where everyone is a cartoony talking animal. It might be worth pointing out that in his backstory, Peter Porker was a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

But I think you get the general idea of where this character’s coming from. As mentioned earlier, Porker will be voiced by John Mulaney. Out of all the Spider-people introduced so far, Peni Parker might be the most out there.

Peni comes from a universe that seems to be primarily based on Mecha Anime; she’s a Japanese schoolgirl who, instead of having spider powers, pilots a Spider-Man-esque robot exo-suit. Peni’s voice is Kimiko Glenn. Prior to SPIDER-VERSE, Glenn’s best-known role was Brook Soso on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.

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Spider-Man & His Amazing Adversaries

Of course, with all these spider-folks running around, one wonders if the main antagonists of the film will turn out to be the Inheritors, the interdimensional Spider-man hunters who were the main villains of the SPIDER-VERSE comic. For now, no news has come out confirming the Inheritors’ presence in the film.

But, the directors of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE did have more to say about the film’s villains.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

When asked about the film’s versions of Green Goblin and Kingpin, director Bob Persichetti said that their version of Green Goblin would be portrayed as an unstoppable mindless beast. Kingpin, on the other hand, is going to be an evil philanthropist of sorts. Persichetti didn’t say this, but the article says his descriptions of Kingpin remind them of the DAREDEVIL Netflix series version.

However, as of now, nobody has said anything yet about the third villain to appear in last month’s trailer, the Prowler. I’m assuming Prowler will end up being the evil uncle figure he was in the comics, but with so much going on at once for INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Prowler might very well end up being something else altogether.

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Unlike INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, the DUCKTALES Comic-Con trailer already made it’s way online. But let’s talk about it anyways. The first and current season of DUCKTALES is coming to an end on August 18th; so, the trailer is more or less a sneak peek at the rest of the season.

As stated in my guide to DUCKTALES 2017, there are two main overarching plot threads in the series right now. First off, there’s the mystery of what happened to the triplets’ mother Della. The other main subplot is Lena secretly being controlled by her evil sorceress aunt Magica de Spell.

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As to be expected, both of these plot points have come to a head in the trailer. Dewey, and possibly even Huey, appear to have finally come across the truth about their mother. And it seems that the revealing of this truth was so terrible that it sent the unflappable Scrooge McDuck into an armpit-pizza eating funk. This, in turn, seems to have created an opening for Magica de Spell.

Season Finale Showdown

Throughout this season, Magica de Spell is a shadowy ghost haunting her niece Lena. Magica is trying to get ahold of Scrooge’s lucky dime so that she can resurrect herself. Based on the ending of the trailer, she seems to have succeeded. It seems that the season finale will be about the Duck family trying to back McDuck manor from Magica’s clutches. It also seems that this situation was dire enough to the point where Donald Duck is forced to swallow a voice modulator so that people can actually understand him for once.

Thus, Donald having the voice of Don Cheadle in the season finale.

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Ducktales: Into The Disney-Verse

Besides the trailer, the DUCKTALES team posted a video of Don Cheadle talking about what an honor it is to be voicing Donald Duck. The video itself is just a gag sketch about Don Cheadle saying things like “I ate duck for a whole month” with a straight face, so I’ll let it speak for itself. One thing we do have to talk about though is the fact that DUCKTALES will soon be crossing over with other Disney properties.

Already, the show has Gizmoduck as a recurring character and DARKWING DUCK as an in-universe television series. But in the aforementioned trailer, there were references to an 80’s Disney cartoon called TALESPIN. Much like the original 80’s incarnation of DUCKTALES, TALESPIN was an adventure cartoon featuring Disney characters. Specifically, it took place in an alternate universe version of THE JUNGLE BOOK where Baloo the bear was a skilled airplane pilot for-hire with his own crew of anthropomorphic animals.

Image courtesy of Disney Entertainment

TALESPIN took place in the city of Cape Suzette, which the DUCKTALES 2017 characters mention in the trailer. In case you had any doubts about the crossover, the trailer then shows Don Karnage performing a musical number. Karnage is an air pirate captain who was the main recurring villain in the TALESPIN series.

But TALESPIN’s not the only crossover DUCKTALES has up its sleeve right now.

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Three Caballeros

While I didn’t catch any references to this in the Comic-Con trailer, the DUCKTALES panel also revealed that THE THREE CABALLEROS would be making an appearance in Season 2. THE THREE CABALLEROS refers to a Donald Duck animated film that premiered in 1944. In the film, Donald goes on adventures throughout Latin America. His companions are Jose Carioca, a well-dressed parrot, and Panchito Pistoles, a pistol-wielding rooster.

Image courtesy of Disney Entertainment

We still haven’t learned what roles Jose and Panchito will end up playing in the show. But if you’re a fan of those characters, a THREE CABALLEROS animated series did come out this year. Unfortunately, it was only available for a Disney streaming app in the Philippines, but as of now, it might have become available outside of that. In any case, you can at least look forward to seeing the Caballeros in Season 2 of DUCKTALES 2017.

Considering that SPIDER-VERSE comes out this December, and DUCKTALES will be premiering new episodes each week until its hour-long season finale in August, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing more about them fairly soon. But for now, I think that about covers it. If there’s anything missed about these two for this year’s Comic-Con, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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