Sadly, Grayson is still on the backburner in NIGHTWING #60. While the artwork is amazing, focusing more on Team Nightwing and less on the O.G. Nightwing has left this comic fizzling out.
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Up in Flames!

Ric Grayson and The Nightwings are battling fiery blazes in NIGHTWING #60. Written by Dan Jurgens, has a part of Team Nightwing’s past come back to burn the city down? Featuring the amazing talent of Chris Mooneyham, this issue showcases awesome artwork on every page. Does the story live up to the visuals?

Burning Up in NIGHTWING #60

In NIGHTWING #60, we jump right back into the action. Grayson and two members of team Nightwing are fighting a monster made of fire. While the inferno burns, the heroes try to save as many innocent civilians as they can. Surprisingly, a fire extinguisher manages to drive the creature away.

After the fire monster’s attack, team Nightwing questions Grayson’s motives for becoming a vigilante.  Clearly, they still do not trust him fully. Grayson returns to his girlfriend, Bea, who supports his heroic actions. As the lovers kiss in a shadowy alleyway, the tone of the comic shifts.

NIGHTWING #60 Page 2. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Flashback to when Sapienza met Hutch. Years ago, Sapienza’s mentor, Officer Stapleton, was gunned down during a drug bust gone wrong. Although Hutch tried to save him, he ended up in a vegetative state. Stapleton’s daughter, Melissa, still harbors a lot of hate and resentment towards law enforcement. Which, somehow, makes her the prime suspect for being the fire monster and torching the police precincts in Blüdhaven.

While the two other members of Team Nightwing interrogate Stapleton’s daughter, the flaming monster appears. The fiery being offers to help her get revenge. Who is this flaming creature? And how are the Nightwings going to stop it?

Too Many Nightwings

Once again, the Nightwings distract from Grayson’s storyline. NIGHTWING #60 focuses more on the members of Team Nightwing than the original Nightwing himself. Frankly, I would have liked to have seen more of Grayson in this comic. As a character, his overall development is lacking. Sadly, the Nightwings steal the spotlight. Even worse, their storyline has its pitfalls, like accusing Stapleton’s daughter of setting the fires with very little evidence. 

Although, there is a bright side to the flashback sequence. By seeing a piece of their backstories, the members of the team become more fleshed out as characters. Now, we’ve learned more about their motives and why they became masked heroes, which gives their actions as vigilantes solid reasoning.

Burning Bright Imagery

As always, Chris Mooneyham’s artwork is visually stunning. His gritty and grungy style works perfectly with the urban setting. Also, the ink splatter effect throughout the comic adds to the edgy vibe. The fiery creature looks like moving molten rock with a sinister jack-o’-lantern-like face.

NIGHTWING #60 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The play between light and dark in NIGHTWING #60 is brilliant. During the flashback scene, the visuals shift to a noir look, with heavy shadows and muted colors. The icy blue foam cutting through the flames is such an eye-catching panel. Also, Grayson and Bea’s embrace surrounded by light in a dark alley is an incredible image. Hats off to Chris Mooneyham and colorist Nick Filardi for some extraordinary work.

Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #60

All in all, NIGHTWING #60 is a decent issue. Visually, it’s a stunning comic. Images of the flaming monster burn brightly on the page. As Blüdhaven is filled with smoke and fire, a gritty darkness covers the city. The artwork alone makes this issue worth reading.

Unfortunately, Grayson feels more like a guest star than a main character in his own comic. Team Nightwing really steals the shows, in a negative way. Some of Sapienza’s dialogue sounds like a generic, hardboiled detective. Also, the Nightwings accusing Stapleton’s daughter of arson, because she used the phrase “burn in Hell,” is ridiculous. That accusation feels forced and rushed and left me completely baffled.

Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of this issue, mainly because Grayson is sitting on the backburner.  I’m more interested in his character growth than the Nightwings’ fumbling storyline. Frankly, I’m waiting for Grayson’s memories to return so the real Nightwing can save the day.

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