SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89 delivers exactly what you would expect from the title — a classic story that reminds us of the Saturday morning cartoon from our childhood.

Scooby Doobie Doo!

In the first of the two stories, “Panic at the Pizza Palace,” writer Rob M. Worley and artist Scott Gross capture the simple fun and wackiness of the old cartoons that I grew up with. The characters look like I’ve always remembered them, and I could clearly hear their voices while reading the dialogue. I wish the colors were a little more vibrant, but at the same time, it has the slightly worn look of an older book, which helped nail down the feeling that I was reading a classic Scooby story from the past.

SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89 page 8. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Before I get in to the full review, I wanted to bring in an expert for a brief mini-review SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89. So my eight-year-old daughter Adeline said: “It’s funny and enjoyable. I like how Shaggy and Scooby respond to the ghost. The way Scooby talks is funny, too.” Well, there it is! What else do you need to hear? Two generations of Scooby Doo fans give their seal of approval.

SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89: Comfort Food

This first story follows the typical structure of a Scooby Doo mystery — the gang comes across a haunted spot and sets out to help discover the truth behind it. We’re introduced to the likely (and obvious) suspects, Scooby and Shaggy get scared, and the gang eventually unmasks the real culprit. The true identity of the ghost wasn’t hard to guess, but it never was in the old cartoons either. Honestly, part of the fun was always figuring out the answers before Mystery Inc. did and watching them trying to learn out what you already knew. It’s the same here.

High tech CRT monitor in Scooby Doo! Where Are You?
SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89 page 17. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The second story in this issue is a reprint of “Good Ghost Haunting” from SCOOBY-DOO! #42, first published in January 2001.  This story feels a little dated because it has a focus on technology that I’m personally not used to seeing in the Scooby universe. “Panic at the Pizza Palace” can be set during anytime time from the 60’s to today with nothing obvious to ground it in a certain period.  “Good Ghost Haunting” loses some of its charm due to its focus on computers and holograms, which must have seemed futuristic and high tech at the time but feels dated today.

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Let’s Find Out Who It Really Is!

Overall, this is just a fun and simple read. Or is it? Maybe it’s just me, since this is the first issue of SCOOBY DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? that I’ve read, but I found “Panic at the Pizza Palace” to be a bit meta. This story revolves around a pizza parlor that’s trying new and unique flavors that no one really wants. So the customers just want a classic cheese pizza, not banana and kale.

This story itself is classic Scooby. It doesn’t try to be anything new, different, or genre-bending. It doesn’t try to update Scooby to be modern and edgy. So what we get is the Scooby-Doo we’ve loved for nearly 50 years. Over the past few decades now, it seems there’s still a trend for everything to become dark and gritty. These days we have Archie fighting zombies, Sabrina in a horror story, and even the other Scooby-Doo book currently running takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s refreshing to read a book that embraces its origins and doesn’t try to be something completely different.

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So if you’re looking for a fun, fast read that isn’t trying to be anything else except what you’d expect it to be, you’ll find it here. If you’re looking for something that younger kids can read without any offensive content that doesn’t require years of backstory to understand, you’ll find that here too. SCOOBY DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89 is happy to give us the classics from the old menu, the comfort food we’re used to.

SCOOBY-DOO! WHERE ARE YOU? #89 gives you exactly what you expect from a Scooby adventure. It has all the old zany fun of the cartoons and doesn't try to reinvent a classic.
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