The shopping wars continue in SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #23! In this issue by Keith GiffenJ.M. DeMatteisRon Wagner, and Andy Owens, Scooby and the gang encounter greater threats in the form of conscious ravenous creatures. In turn SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #23 continues the adventures of SECRET SQUIRREL in its final pages!

Scooby Snacks for SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #22

The team has been on the run in this post-apocalyptic world for a year now and they have finally found a safe place of refuge in the Henry Hudson Mall in Albany, New York. There, Velma studied the habits of the creatures and discovered that there was a pattern to the creatures’ time of attacks. With this information the group has managed to stay out of the creatures’ paths. Velma’s schedule for the creatures has also given the group enough time to attempt to fortify the mall and make it their private HQ. From there they can use the mall to find other potential survivors.

However, not everyone is so trusting of Velma’s science. Daphne, as always, grudgingly goes along with Velma’s logical methods. Yet, Daphne’s journalistic gut tells her there is something illogical about these creatures. Meanwhile the young boy, Cliffy, is becoming increasingly uneasy about the team staying in the mall among the creatures. He increasingly plays the part of the pessimist criticizing Velma and Daphne’s plans. Fred, always the leader, beckons for Cliffy to put aside his inner anxiety and to trust the two-brilliant woman.

There may be some merit to what Cliffy is saying nonetheless. We see that a creature has begun to move out of its normal routine and spy on the team. What does this mean? Is there some form of consciousness within these beasts? Are they capable of free thought? Clearly this will cause some debate between Scooby and the rest of his team on how they should proceed next!

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #23 Can Be Found in Your Local Comic Store on 3/14!

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