Like many other entertainment giants, Disney will be an active player in the world of streaming services very soon. We don’t know much about Disney’s newest venture to the small screen, but reports have the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking center stage when the time comes. After the huge successes the MCU has seen in the past decade, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The iron is hot and Disney doesn’t have enough time to create standalone movies for all of its superpowered characters.

So, instead, Disney seems to be focusing on giving some of the slightly less famous MCU characters a prime spot on their upcoming streaming service. So far, Loki and the Scarlet Witch standalone series are speculated to be in the works. A Loki series wouldn’t be too difficult to create. The MCU has, for the most part, stayed dedicated to the character’s comic book history. Plus, there are tons of new Loki-centered series writers and producers could pull from. Scarlet Witch, however, is a different story.

She’s an incredibly complex character who got a drastic makeover from comics to screen. Taking concepts and stories from the comics to create her show would be difficult since on-screen Wanda isn’t like her comic counterpart much at all. Still, I think there are a few ways in which writers could begin to connect the two iterations of this famous character in order to please both comic and film fans.

Where Is The Magic?

There are a lot of discrepancies between MCU Wanda and comic Wanda. For me, one of the most pressing differences is their powers. In the comics, Wanda wields chaos magic, which comes from both her genetic makeup and from years of learning magic. Although some writers choose to ignore it, Wanda is a real witch. She can read and conjure spells just like Dr. Strange.

MCU Wanda gets her powers purely from the experiments she faced as a child. She doesn’t practice real magic in the same way comic Wanda does. Still, that doesn’t mean she can’t. Comic Wanda learned magic and so can MCU Wanda. Dr. Strange and Agatha Harkness (a famous witch in the Marvel universe) mentored Wanda for years. An on-screen series that captures this pivotal period in Wanda’s life would unite the two versions of Wanda and define the Scarlet Witch’s complex powers a little better. Plus, it would be really entertaining. A Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange team-up is way overdue.   

Scarlet Witch
Image from Marvel Entertainment

What About Pietro?

For die-hard comic fans, this question is pressing. MCU writers killed off Pietro Maximoff in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON in order to keep the Fox-owned X-Men and the Disney-owned Avengers separate. With one Quicksilver already running around in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, they couldn’t (permanently) add another without seriously confusing viewers. Because of that, poor Pietro got booted off the big screen in less than a couple of hours.  

Scarlet Witch
Image from Marvel Entertainment

However, that doesn’t mean he has to be gone from the little screen. Disney is attempting to buy the rights to the X-Men, which would give them more freedom to add back characters like Quicksilver. If this happens before the Scarlet Witch TV show, we could very well be seeing the white-haired speedster again.

Using her reality warping abilities, Wanda was able to resurrect her twin in HOUSE OF M after their “father” Magneto killed him. She could easily do something similar in her show. Viewers would get to see a beloved character again while comic readers would get to see Wanda and Pietro’s famous bond. In the comics, Wanda and Pietro are extremely close. Having the MCU Scarlet Witch without Quicksilver feels a little empty. If Disney wants to rectify that, a Scarlet Witch solo series is the perfect opportunity.

Scarlet Witch
Image from Marvel Entertainment

What Happens To Vision?

In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, we got to see numerous scenes building Scarlet Witch and Vision’s budding relationship. Some fans liked it, others not so much, but one thing is for certain: it’s a canon thing. For years in the comics, Wanda and Vision were together. They even got married, shared a solo series, and (sort of) had two kids. Seeing them together on screen makes perfect sense. Still, I have to wonder, what’s the endgame for their MCU relationship?

Scarlet Witch
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In the comics, they break up and go their separate ways. Wanda inadvertently kills Vision in the AVENGERS: DISASSEMBLED storyline, so after that their relationship isn’t the best (to say the least). Still, they had some happy times in the comics that the Scarlet Witch solo series could easily recreate. In THE VISION AND SCARLET WITCH series, the pair went on tons of adventures that elaborate on Wanda’s magical abilities and her desire to be a mother.

Are Scarlet Witch and Vision a healthy couple in the comics? Pick up Tom King’s VISION series and you’ll realize rather quickly that, although seemingly perfect for one another, Vision and Wanda had some serious issues. If the writers of this new Scarlet Witch series are daring enough, they could try and show the rise and fall of this tumultuous relationship. It wouldn’t be easy, but if they pulled from the comics, it could be entertaining to watch.        

Scarlet Witch
Image from Marvel Entertainment

Sans Avengers?

I don’t think we’ll be seeing many of the Avengers in Scarlet Witch’s solo series. This show will be a smaller production, with a smaller budget. While this may sound a little disappointing, I think it will benefit Wanda’s MCU character tremendously. In the comics, Wanda is one of the most powerful beings on the planet. In the MCU, she’s definitely powerful, but writers haven’t given her enough screen time to really shine. Without Captain America and Thor stealing her thunder (pun intended), we could really see Wanda come into her own for once.

Scarlet Witch
Image from Marvel Entertainment

I’d also like to see the Scarlet Witch TV show tackle some of Wanda’s mental health problems. Comic Wanda is constantly struggling to control her emotions since they’re closely connected to her powers. A mental breakdown for Wanda can mean the destruction of the universe. In an era where people are more willing to talk about things like mental health, this show could make a real impact.

The Future Of Scarlet Witch

Disney hasn’t said anything for sure, so we don’t know whether this mythical show will actually happen. If it does, there’s a lot of room for it to do really well. Of course, that also means there’s a lot of room for it to do poorly. Although she’s been in three Avengers films, MCU Scarlet Witch is pretty much a blank slate. This means writers of her solo series will have full control over the direction of her character. If they stick to the decades of comics carefully outlining Wanda’s character development, the show will (hopefully) be successful.

The MCU has already done a lot of damage by severely white-washing a character with Romani roots. The only way they can begin to correct this is by firmly bridging the MCU Wanda with the comic book Wanda. Then, the MCU Scarlet Witch can go from being a back seat Avenger to being the reality-warping hero we all know and love.    

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Curious as to what the recently announced Loki show would look like? We got you covered with what we think could happen! Let us know in the comments what you think about either of these shows.


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  2. Relugus

    October 1, 2018 at 4:18 am

    Scarlet Witch has one of the best and most disturbing adversaries in the Marvel universe.

    CHTHON the Elder God has to be the main antagonist, along with Modred the Mystic (corrupted and under the control of Chthon). Chthon sees himself as a father figure to

    The series should mostly be set in New Salem (not New York) an isolationist place hidden in another dimension, populated by Witches. Agatha Harkness takes Wanda there where she trains. There we see witches such as Vertigo, Gazelle, some of whom will be original characters. Salem’s 7 could be there. Chthon could mean Blade showing up.

    Chthon’s demons, the N’garai would obviously appear.

    Agatha and Chthon, in there own ways, are both training Wanda, the former through her wisdom, the latter through manipulation. The focus of the series should be on Wanda’s relationship with Agatha and Chthon.

    Chthon lures Wanda to Wundagore Mountain, via Modred, where the series climax takes place.

    Wundagore is a major plot point in Tom King’s Vision, and we may well see Agatha Harkness play a similar role in a series adaptation.

    Main characters:
    Scarlet Witch
    Agatha Harkness

    Supporting characters:
    Modred the Mystic
    Kierok the Damned


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