NIGHTWING #55 is a very Scarecrow-centered issue. While the team of Nightwings continues to be disappointing, this comic makes up for it with an interesting villain and amazing visuals that look like they were ripped straight out of an actual horror film. Absolutely worth checking out.
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Fear has overtaken the city of Blüdhaven in NIGHTWING #55. Written by Scott Lobdell, this issue features the Scarecrow as he infects civilians with his Fear Germ, causing them to lose their minds. With all hell breaking loose, Chris Mooneyham’s artwork expertly captures the madness plaguing the villain’s victims. Can a team of Nightwings handle the Scarecrow? Will Dick Grayson become a hero once again? Be sure to check out NIGHTWING #55 to find out!

Warning, potential spoilers for NIGHTWING #55 are below!

Chaos Unleashed in NIGTHWING #55

NIGHTWING #55 opens like a horror movie. While at the bar, Ric Grayson and his new sweetheart — Bea — are attacked by zombie-like citizens poisoned with Fear Gas. Foaming out the mouth and fighting one another, those infected have completely lost their minds. Relying on his muscle memory, Grayson is able to fend off these deranged lunatics.

NIGHTWING #55 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Detective Svoboda investigates Dr. Crane. While searching his apartment, she finds a rotting corpse in his bed. Before she can apprehend him, he infects her too, causing her to hallucinate. As he transforms into his full Scarecrow form, he begins to spread his Fear Germ across the entire city. With one act, Blüdhaven’s transformed into a nightmarish world!

As the madness grows, Grayson continues to use his Nightwing skills to fight Scarecrow’s victims. Under the influence of Fear Gas, the citizens are killing each other. While his influence sweeps across the city, Scarecrow is waiting for Nightwing to be lured out so he can capture him. Instead of one Nightwing, he finds four! How will the Nightwings handle the Scarecrow and his growing army? We’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out!

The Horrors of The Scarecrow

You know who deserves a gift for the holidays? Our antagonist. In NIGHTWING #55, the Scarecrow has turned out to be a terrifying villain. His plan to make the citizens of Blüdhaven “unafraid of fear” in order to lure out Nightwing is intriguing. His real motive isn’t to spread fear, but to become fearless himself, like Grayson is.

Chris Mooneyham’s artwork highlights the horror of the Fear Gas perfectly. As Blüdhaven is plagued with fear and insanity, there’s an eerie teal and gold sweeping across the city. With his creepy smile and eyes, our antagonist’s depiction is absolutely horrifying. Honestly, the Scarecrow gave me goosebumps in NIGHTWING #55.

Still Doubting the Nightwings

In NIGHTWING #55, the team of Nightwings continues to struggle with being heroes. Color me surprised. Now, they must face an actual supervillain. Sorry, I still think this won’t end well. Considering they’re a bunch of untrained civilians dressing up as Nightwing, how will they even fight Scarecrow?

NIGHTWING #55 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Also, having a team of Nightwings distracts from Grayson’s journey of self-discovery. We see more of them in NIGHTWING #55 than we do the real Nightwing, and that’s disappointing. However, the team of Nightwings, and their probable failure, may force Grayson to return back to heroism. Other than being a possible catalyst for Grayson, the Nightwings aren’t doing much for the story.

Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #55

Overall, NIGHTWING #55, is a solid issue. There’s been a great, steady build up in previous installments alluding to Scarecrow’s entrance. So let me tell you, that madman lives up to the hype. While Grayson isn’t at the forefront of this issue, his acrobatic movements look awesome. Thankfully, he still has his Nightwing moves.

The visuals by Chris Mooneyham really capture the nightmarish landscape of Blüdhaven. In NIGHTWING #55, the use of colors are striking and engaging, adding to the eerie vibe of this issue. His artwork looks straight out of a horror film. In terms of appearance, the Scarecrow looks frightening with those beady red eyes and slasher smile. Frankly, I’m seeing this villain in a whole new light in NIGHTWING #55.

My biggest concern is still the Nightwings. Unfortunately, it feels as though they’re just being set up for disaster. Untrained civilians going up against a supervillain sounds like an inevitable train wreck to me. Plus, they’re distracting from Grayson’s storyline.

All in all, NIGHTWING #55 is worth checking out for outstanding artwork and a terrifying Scarecrow.

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