What happened to Koro when we last left her defenseless at the hands of the demon? Did Luvander and Akisbjorne survive the fall? More importantly, what became of Dorma? SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 answers these questions and more. SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 picks up after SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #5’s cliffhanger. Sebastian Girner and Galaad’s fantasy adventure continues to world build and develop characters as the arc begins to draw to a close.

Scoundrels Recap

Previously on SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #5, Luvander and company set out to the Hall of Treasures. We learn about Akisbjorne and Koro’s origins by way of a flashback to the moment they set out for Dened Lewen. Additionally, Luvander, Akisbjorne, Koro, and Dorma escaped from an ambush by mermen creatures.


Luvander and crew split in two upon reaching the island. Dorma follows her isp (a bird-like creature that emits light) into a dark cave. There, Dorma finds the isp flying over the body of her brother, Taras. Meanwhile, Luvander, Koro, and Akisbjorne face off with a demon that preys on treasure hunters in the Hall of Treasures.

Unfortunately, the demon is quite powerful and causes an earthquake. As a result of the earthquake, Koro helplessly watches as Luvander and Akisbjorne plunge into the abyss.

Dorma To The Rescue

SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 begins with a flashback. Taras narrates a story about showing a young Dorma the night sky and opening Dorma’s eyes to the outside world. However, it turns out that a grieving Dorma reads Taras’ final journal entries in the cave.

Meanwhile, Koro mourns the loss of Akisbjorne as the demon gloats nearby. Enraged, Koro picks up her sword and attacks the demon. Suddenly, the demon hits Koro with a barb revealing Koro’s deepest desires. In fact, we’re shown a series of flashbacks about Koro’s rigorous training from a young age to the point where Koro loses Akisbjorne.

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The demon then carries Koro to stable ground with the intention of eating her. Suddenly, Dorma appears and comes to Koro’s aid. Dorma deals a blow to the demon’s chest, revealing its weak point: a red diamond. The demon shoots Dorma with a barb in hopes of seeing what Dorma desires in order to weaken Dorma.

However, Dorma overcomes the barb’s influence thanks to Taras’ words: “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” This is a theme that gets echoed throughout SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6, along with themes of loss and individualism vs. collectivism. Dorma knocks the demon out and delivers a mortal blow to its weak point. However, Dorma and Koro’s victory is short-lived because the demon was playing dead. Suddenly, an arrow goes through the crystal, killing the demon.

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Dorma and Koro Bond Over Loss

Character development is front and center in SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6. Having come to terms with Taras’ passing, Dorma channels her grief into newfound strength. Previous issues of SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS portray Dorma as meek and cautious. However, Dorma matures into a warrior. Dorma is also a moral support for the grieving Koro. Galaad reinforces this change with Dorma’s new look: Dorma now sports a ponytail and short sleeve shirt.

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Koro laments failing to protect Akisbjorne. Koro also feels ashamed of her desire for freedom. But Dorma becomes the voice of reason to Koro. Dorma argues that Koro should allow herself to grieve. Furthermore, Dorma argues that Akisbjorne would be pleased if Koro was honest about wanting freedom. It’s a tender moment as Dorma puts an arm around Koro’s shoulder.

Interview with SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS Creators Sebastian Girner and Galaad

Galaad’s Art Remains Solid

Galaad experiments with various color palettes in SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6. For instance, when the demon shoots Dorma with a barb, the colors are monochrome. The monochrome colors represent Dorma’s doubts. Jeff Powell reinforces this with as words appearing in various shades of gray.

Most of SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 has earthy colors to reinforce the destruction that’s happening around Koro and Dorma. Thus, it’s a bit of a departure from previous issues’ rainbow colors, but the colors are well done.

  Courtesy of Image Comics

One of the best details are the coins that rain in the ruins of the Hall of Treasures. The coins contrast well with Koro’s angry exchange with the demon. Another great detail in SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 is a series of two panels where the demon dies.

Powell’s letters fade simultaneously as the demon fades into red ashes which adds a nice touch to the scene. However, one minor qualm about the art in this issue stands out. Near the end of the comic, there are a few panels that are not consistent with showing Koro’s bloodstained shirt. It’s as if the blood magically evaporated. Although most readers won’t notice it, it’s something worth pointing out.

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Closing Comments

Overall, SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 is a satisfying issue. It’s nice to see Dorma kick ass and take names. However, the bounty hunter still pursues Luvander. Furthermore, Luvander and Akisbjorne survived the fall and found themselves in a new predicament.

Girner and Galaad have set the stage for the final issue of the Dragon’s Maw arc. SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 is available everywhere now including on Comixology.

SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6 focuses on some much needed character development for Dorma and Koro. The themes of loss and individualism tackles are handled maturely. With SCALES AND SCOUNDRELS #6, Girner shows he's not afraid to touch upon serious topics. Plus It's great to see Dorma kick ass and take names.
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