ComicsVerse’s Brandon Bloxdorf interviewed Samuel Barnett at the New York Comic Con 2017!

The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

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Brandon: Hey. Brandon Bloxdorf here at New York Comic Con 2017 hanging out with Samuel Barnett and you’re watching Comics First. So Sam, what can you tell me about your character’s change in this new season? Season one was extraordinary, so what’s going on with you now?

Samuel: So Dirk is having a bit of a confidence crisis in season two because season one was all about getting people on board with his way of thinking and his way of doing detective work and he desperately wanted to find friends and in season two, he’s got these friends, but he’s realizing that actually everything he does gets either himself or his friends into mortal danger.

So he’s kind of going, “I don’t want to do holistic detection work anymore. I want to be a normal detective finding clues, just a normal, procedural show,” and of course the universe just isn’t going to let him do that, so we start out with him having a real existential crisis and go from there.

Brandon: Nice and the show itself is based on a book by Douglas Adams. How do you pull yourself from the pages there and make it your own physical character at this point?

Samuel:                  Yeah. I mean, Dirk in the books is very physically different to me. He’s a different age. He’s a different stature. I think it’s been actually relatively easy to me because Max has written such a clear character. It’s all there on the page, so I haven’t had to search for it or make it up myself. He writes this incredible dialogue, which you have to say at speed because it’s the only way to get it all out in time and that’s helped inform the rhythm of Dirk and the energy that I have to bring to it.

Brandon: Okay, cool. Definitely and reflecting off of the rest of the show, you’ve had some pretty insane things that you need to pull out from yourself. Do you kind of pull from yourself at that point? Is this more natural to you as a character or is this just making something out of your head at that point? You feel it, like eccentric. I just vibe off of you right away.

Samuel: I think I’m nothing like Dirk and then all I got last year from the rest of the cast was, “Oh my god, you are so like Dirk.” Everything I did, in between takes they’re like, “Uh, you’re so like Dirk.” Every time we spoke, “You’re so like Dirk.”

I think I’m nothing like it and then I think, “Well, I must have been cast for a reason,” so I think I’m more like Dirk than I would like to think I am. I’m certainly fairly energized like he is. I have a lot of nervous energy and I have to try and keep that in check and also the thing I relate to with Dirk is he works very much from his intuition and so do I. Like I think my gut instinct and intuition is like my most important weapon, so I think if you don’t go with it, you’re screwed.

Brandon: Pretty much. Hey, well thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to us. Thank you so much. We’ll be excited for season two coming up as well. Thanks for watching guys. Check us out at

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