amazing spider-man annual #1

This September, acclaimed writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Garry Brown will take the reigns on an all-new Spider-Man adventure in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1!

The story takes place sometime after Spider-Man first encounters the notorious symbiote that would result in the manifestation of Venom. Now, we may think we know what comes after this part of the story. We may think we know what becomes of the symbiote and Venom.

However, there is a lost tale Ahmed and Brown are vowing to tell. In a statement regarding the upcoming installment, Ahmed said:

“AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL is an untold street-level story of the brief bond that existed between Pete and the alien symbiote that would eventually become Venom. This is my tribute to the Spider-Man I grew up reading in the early 1980s — the messed up and confused Peter Parker who came back from an alien world with a new costume and new problems as Gang Wars tore through the streets of Manhattan.”

amazing spider-man annual #1
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1. Cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

On top of Ahmed’s excitement to write this tribute, editor Mark Basso added:

“Saladin and Garry are absolutely tapping into the heart of the fan-favorite alien costume storyline while bringing something new to bear…So it’s really a dream project for the team, even if it’s a nightmare for Peter Parker.”

Re-introducing the Symbiote

Ahmed is one of the top talents in Marvel Comics right now. Throughout his recent run on BLACK BOLT, he showcased a prowess in maintaining character-centric arcs as he fearlessly delved into the depths of his titular character’s psyche. He also consistently showcased unique forms of narration that challenged the way readers engaged in a story.


Thus, it is safe to say his collaboration with Garry Brown will be one to look forward to. The duo will undoubtedly showcase a refreshing perspective on Spidey’s relationship with the symbiote, one we have never seen before. So, prepare yourself for a story that will humor you, entice you, frighten you, and ultimately change the way you see the symbiote.

Most importantly though, be there when AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 comes out on September 19th!

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