One of the most ambitious creative teams, Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus are sure to be leaving their imprint on the comic book world quickly. The pair has worked together on comics such as TURNCOAT and VOID TRIP, giving us stories that are out of the norm for the medium. However, individually, each person shines and gives us comics we have never seen before.

ComicsVerse had the excellent opportunity to speak with Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus at New York Comic Con 2018.

Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus at New York City Comic Con 2018

The creative team behind TURNCOAT and VOID TRIP tell us a little about their creative processes. Working closely with someone can be difficult, but the pair seems to work together flawlessly. Ryan and Plaid talk about their creative process and how to handle creative differences. They also talk a little about how they create so many diverse stories so quickly. We also get a bit about some of their new works.

Plaid Klaus tells us about a new project he’s working on, DEAD PLANETS. Although not officially out, we’re hoping to get more information and to see it in stores soon! If you haven’t seen the cover yet, you need to check out his Instagram. It looks phenomenal.

Ryan O’Sullivan talks about his newest work, THE FEARSCAPE. The story centers on Henry Henry, a plagiarist who is faking his way to destruction. And not just his own destruction — all of reality is at stake.

We learn about how the pair balances one another and works together to create stories that capture the reader. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus also talk a little more about upcoming projects they have in the works.

Be sure to keep an eye open; they’re sure to give you a comic you’ll never forget!

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