ComicsVerse talks to Ryan Cady about INFINITE DARK, the concept behind it, and what else Cady is working on at New York Comic Con 2018. Check it out below! This transcript has been edited for accuracy.

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ComicsVerse (CV): What is the pitch, what is it about, and why should people read it?

Ryan Cady: So, INFINITE DARK is about the first murder after the end of the universe. A group of human beings have survived after heat death and exist on a space station just in the nothingness void and after two years of living there, someone is murdered, and the reasons why appear to be supernatural.

CV: So, how did this come about. How did the idea start? How did you get in touch with Andrea, and what was the process that kind of got it to this publication?

Ryan Cady: Well, I’ve been talking to Andrea for like, a long time about doing something together. What we want to do and we tried a couple things and it wasn’t quite a good fit and not to get too gritty, personal with it but I was going through like a really rough depression last year and I really wanted to do something. As I was coming out of it, I wanted to do something about like, survival and exploring all that darker stuff and I’d always been terrified of heat death. So I kind of just like, took an older idea and repurposed it and rearranged it and I sent it to Andrea and he was like, yeah. He was like yeah man, rock and roll. So, we just kind of, we’re off to the races on it.

CV: Do you have any other projects you’re working on right now that you want to talk about that we might not know about or do know about or on the rise?

Ryan Cady: Let me think about what I’m like, allowed to talk about. You know, that’s such like a lame move to be like, I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this, but INFINITE DARK is going for a little while longer. I have a webcomic that I’m working on that I cannot talk about exactly yet but I’ve been posting some process images and it is related to this banner–

CV: The werewolf?

Ryan Cady: It is related to the werewolf on the banner; that will be sometime next year. I actually have another top secret thing I’m working on that, man, it’s all stuff I can’t talk about. I hate that, I’m very sorry. But yeah, a lot of stuff like that. Maybe some more for-hire work. Oh! I’m so dumb; my first DC comics work comes out in December.

CV: Congratulations.

Ryan Cady: Thank you. In the New Talent Showcase, there will be a Zatanna story written by me, drawn by Isaac Goodhart, so.

CV: Sounds very interesting.

Ryan Cady: I’m very excited, she’s my favorite DC character.

CV: Well, I’m intrigued to read it. What is your creative inspiration? You seem to be all over the map in style and tone and that’s not a bad thing. That means you can show range. What gets you up in the morning, you’re like, I want to write about this; what is it you kind of want to write about everything?

Ryan Cady: I mean, I kind of want to write everything; horror is my home genre, I love horror. It’s sort of where I find myself and where I fell in love with fiction. But honestly, my very close second is fantasy. I love the fantasy genre. I played DND like, eight times a month. If you want to talk about what would get me up in the morning, if I could be paid to just play DND, like that would be, I would maybe even give up writing.

CV: Professional DNDer?

Ryan Cady: Professional DNDer, you know just like, that gets me up.

CV: V-sports, and then there’s professional DND.

Ryan Cady: I think that’s the next level. That sort of character and world-driven, like digging into character and world is what gets me going, so any story that has those two elements strongly is what I’m about.

CV: Any creative inspirations that you have in particular who have really kind of influenced your writing or your style? Or what do you try to have as a goal?

Ryan Cady: You know, for me, like literarily, like obviously Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, Junji Ito. Like a lot of stuff like that in the horror vein. Fantasy, I still love Tolkien, I’m a classicist with it. But also like a lot of music, like I really love Tom Waits, John Darnell of the Mountain Goats, like that kind of weird, sad, white boy folk is like really what I’m about. And STAR WARS, man; STAR WARS is my everything. That’s like, STAR WARS with some people, I think every creative has their weird guidepost-y story where it’s like, it’s Shakespeare, or it’s like, it’s Robert E. Howard or it’s Lovecraft and for me, it’s STAR WARS, 100%.

CV: It’s something you want to have.

Ryan Cady: I love it.

CV: It’s a classic.

Ryan Cady: People like it for a reason. It’s on the up-and-up, you know, I think one day, people are going to appreciate it. It’s going to be mainstream.

CV: You talked about the musical inspiration; were you a musician? Did you play music?

Ryan Cady: No, no no no no.

CV: What exactly then is that musical inspiration and how you write, is it more the listening and the opportunity?

Ryan Cady: So I think for me, there are two ways: writer’s block is always a hard thing for me. I know a lot of writers like to dismiss it and be like, you just have to do the work. That’s awesome if that works for them. But I also think that brains are really messy and sometimes brains really suck. Doing the work is awful. When those times come, I like to find something that’s really inspirational, sometimes really sad stuff, or whatever, heavy metal, or weird whatever, and just go on a long walk and try to process.

Otherwise, musically, the reason I’m into Tom Waits, the Mountain Goats, is lyrically, they’re really like, they’re good lyricists and I can really dig into a lyricist and sometimes you’ll hear a song, and you’re like, that song is a comic. Then you just; the end product might have nothing to do with the song. Like the songs that inspired parts of INFINITE DARK are nothing like INFINITE DARK. It’s that thing there, that inimical thing.

CV: If you had to pick one property, obviously like Zatanna, what would it be? Maybe three, maybe a couple, but what are the biggest —

Ryan Cady: You want three?

CV: We’ll do three; properties that you want to tackle at some point in time, make sure anyone’s listening?

Ryan Cady: They might not surprise you. STAR WARS, obviously, STAR WARS, for sure. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK; if I could have any book at DC it would be JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Sorry, Batman, whatever. Conan the Barbarian. Conan the Barbarian.

CV: That’s very unique.

Ryan Cady: Is the dopest thing in the world; I adore Conan. I think that’s like one of the most pulp of pulp literature. And I think he’s one of the most intricate, complicated characters, and I would just kill to do some stuff with that guy.

CV: So taking those three properties–

Ryan Cady: Yes, together.

CV: Who are your art teams?

Ryan Cady: Oh.

CV: Dream; dream big.

Ryan Cady: Alright, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is easy. Rafael Albuquerque, no doubt. I would kill to work with that guy on that. STAR WARS: I mean like honestly, like Immonen or Cassidy. Those guys, for sure. Conan: you know, like Tess Fowler. I don’t know, she did some RAT QUEENS work. She’s done some of that stuff. I know her really well and I’ve seen the fantasy stuff she draws and just like, the beautiful badass bulky mother with swords; I would love to do a Conan book with Tess.

CV: Well, hopefully, this sparks some interest from some people.

Ryan Cady: Well, you know, if C.B. Cebulski finds this video and is my center.

CV: He might just see it at some point in time. To close out, is there anything you kind of want to pitch, plug, that people should be aware of, your book with Andrea, that could be it.

Ryan Cady: INFINITE DARK is the big one? But also if you follow me on Twitter, @rycady, that’s where you can see a lot of my stuff that’s in development. As I said, this web comic thing that I can’t quite talk about I will be talking about soon-ish and I really hope that people even who read maybe mainstream, single-issue copies can get onto reading a free thing on their phone, so.

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