Runaways season 2 episode 4 "Old School"
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"Old School" continues to bring the action-packed storylines this season of RUNAWAYS will be known for. Angel Parker absolutely excels as Catherine Wilder, bringing the perfect amount of drama to PRIDE. The special effects could still use some work, but overall, this show is continuously drawing me in.
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To me, RUNAWAYS season 1 had some episodes that felt stagnant and like filler. However, Season 2 is jam-packed with action, while still leaving us wanting more at the end. RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4, titled “Old School,” is another perfect example of that.

Who is Topher?

After rescuing Alex in the last episode, the team has regrouped and solidified themselves again. While the tension between all of them may not be completely dissolved, the familial bonds they share have overridden that tension, at least for now. Yet, while they may be functioning as a team again, the introduction of Topher sends the team spiraling a bit off course.

runaways season 2 episode 4
Runaways — Season 2, Episode 4 — “Old School” — (Photo credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu)

Molly believes that he may be her long-lost brother after witnessing a display of his powers. That’s right, Topher has the glowing yellow eyes and the superstrength. While it’s a deviation from what he’s like in the comics, I find it hard to believe he’s that different from his comic counterpart. Of course, the rest of the team finds it hard to trust him. After all, he did follow Molly back and he is a stranger. Who knows what he’ll get up to and really even why he sought the kids out. Yet, his anonymity comes in handy when the kids decide to break into their old school.

Trust Issues

While the kids are mostly in sync with each other, their parents still have a lot of work to do. Pride was all about keeping secrets, and even though they’re working to be better (at least as better as a murdering group can get), they definitely are not ready to fully trust each other. The other members of Pride call out the Wilders and Tina for being in contact with the kids in one way or another. Yet, they’re all forced to move past that as they continue with their plan to get rid of Jonah.

On top of the usual Pride drama, we actually almost get one of the first parents vs kids confrontations since season 1. RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4 brings one of the biggest high-pressure situations the kids have been in this season. Although they never actually encountered each other face to face, the stakes feel higher here than they have so far.

Plot-wise, I’m impressed with everything the writers managed to pack into the 40 minutes of RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4. I never felt like the show dragged or unnecessary things happened. Even Karolina’s side meeting with Jonah felt necessary, for the most part. I could’ve done without some of their traveling scenes, but overall, everything had a place. I even got more of the parents and their storyline!

The Wilders

Honestly, Catherine strikes me as such a badass. Angel Parker plays Catherine perfectly. I know that she’s probably one of the most coldblooded members of Pride, but I respect her way of thinking, even if she doesn’t always go about things the right way. Her shooting Darius, while shocking for the audience, definitely falls in line with how she thinks. However, it doesn’t fall in line with how Geoffrey thinks.

RUNAWAYS Season 2 Episode 3
Runaways — Season 2, Episode 3 — “Double Zeroes” — (Photo by: Greg Lewis / Hulu)

He, rightfully, is pissed. We see more of his anger towards Catherine in RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4 than ever before. But I can’t really blame him. After all, he and Darius grew up together and had a close bond once upon a time. However things turned out for the two of them, Catherine’s coldblooded murder of him will not sit well with Geoffrey. He just isn’t an ends justify the means type of guy, no matter how much he might pretend to be the opposite.

So, naturally, this results in marital tension between the duo. I swear, the second marital problems clear up for one couple, such as Tina and Robert, they spring up somewhere else between a couple in Pride. Yet while Tina and Robert’s reunion was somewhat shocking to me, I find it hard to believe that Catherine and Geoffrey will have a rift between them for long.

Alex the Mole Part Two

We said in our review of episode three that we don’t think Alex will end up being a mole like his comic counterpart. While I agree with that assessment still, I do think it’s worth mentioning a very specific moment between Chase and Alex that occurs in RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4.

Alex needs to devise a way for Topher to leave and find a solution for some of their other problems. As he thinks on this, he says something to the effect of, “once we get these problems solved, we can get out of here.” That definitely sounds a bit fishy to me. Chase catches on and comments on Alex’s sentiment, validating my thoughts. Alex does his best to brush it off, but it leaves me with some lingering doubts.

runaways season 2 episode 4
Runaways — Season 2, Episode 4 — “Old School” — (Photo credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu)

Where is Alex trying to go? His hatred for his parents’ and PRIDE’s actions is still simmering within him. So much so that it’s hard to imagine he’ll really ever get over it. But if he’s as angry as he’s led his whole team to believe, then why does he comment about getting out? It’s not like their living situation is really that bad anymore. So, although I still have faith in Alex turning out better than comic Alex, doubts are starting to creep in just a bit.

Is Topher a Vampire?

Topher’s powers aren’t quite what I was expecting when he appeared at the end of episode three. His actions in RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4 seem to point to him not being a vampire. His power stems from something he pours on his arm and he, so far, hasn’t needed to drink any blood.

But that doesn’t mean that he has deviated from the rest of his storyline in the comics. There is something off about him and I am totally on board with the team refusing to trust him. Sure, he’s helpful right now, but in the long run? I think he’ll stab them in the back, no questions asked.

Final Thoughts on RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4

RUNAWAYS season 2 episode 4 continues on that action-packed format from the beginning three episodes and I’m a fan. While the Karolina-Jonah storyline might need to pick up the pace soon, everything else that happened is needed. The story constantly sucks me in. The special effects at times still need work (like Jonah and Karolina’s glowing), but overall, I am sold on where the story is going. Each new episode continues to draw me in. This is definitely not a show you can watch while texting, so really, what more can you ask for?

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