The Gibborim are ready to destroy the world in this RUNAWAYS #18 preview. Upon commencing the Rite of Thunder, which started the Runaways’ journey to begin with, Alex presents the Gibborim with an offering. We can only hope he actually has a plan to go along with this, otherwise it could surely be the end! Check out the preview below.


Runaways #18


Written by: Rainbow Rowell

Art by: Kris Anka

Cover by: Kris Anka

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The conclusion to “That Was Yesterday” is here! The Gibborim have returned to take what’s theirs and destroy the world! The question for the Runaways is whether or not they get destroyed, too.

RUNAWAYS #18 Preview Image Gallery

Runaways #18 Runaways #18 Runaways #18 Runaways #18

Runaways #18
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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