Wedding bells are ringing in the DC Universe. Forget about the royal wedding, you are cordially invited to the comic book wedding of the century. After almost eighty years of being in each other’s lives, Batman and Catwoman are finally tying the knot. From romantic rendezvous on rooftops to fighting crime side by side, the Bat and the Cat have shared many special moments together. With the big day finally here, let’s take a look back at some of Batman and Catwoman’s finest moments.

5. A Rooftop Romance

Let’s be honest, Batman and Catwoman have probably had a romantic moment on every rooftop in Gotham City by now. However, the events in BATMAN #14 and #15 are different from their past moments of passion. In this issue, Catwoman takes the fall for a crime she didn’t commit in order to protect her friend, Holly. While the two lovebirds are making out, Batman tells Catwoman that instead of the death penalty, she’ll receive a life sentence. What’s worse? Batman is the one that has to apprehend her. Instead, Catwoman convinces him that they share one more night together. Because of his feelings for her, he agrees to her last night of freedom. What an eventful night it turns out to be.

Batman and Catwoman
BATMAN #15. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

At first, they take down some minor villains. Then, they make love on a rooftop. Because they believe this is their last night before she’s sent to prison, they truly cherish their time together. After they have sex, they recount their history. Laying under the stars, they reminisce about how they first met and their time together. Also, how they’ve changed while being in a relationship. This is a real emotional moment between them. When Catwoman’s eventually cleared of the crime, she’s free to christen more rooftops with Batman in the near future.

4. When the Mask Comes Off

For any superhero, revealing their identity is a big deal. To share such a secret, there needs to be a level of trust. In BATMAN #615, Bruce Wayne shows just how much he trusts Selina Kyle. After Thomas Elliot, Bruce’s old friend, is murdered, the whole Bat-Family attends the funeral. This is a tough loss for the Dark Knight. While Batman digs through the evidence surrounding his friend’s demise, Nightwing checks up on him. Concerned about his well being, he encourages him to be honest with Selina. With his past love interests, Batman never trusted anyone enough to reveal his identity. Nightwing thinks Selina should be an exception.

Batman #615
BATMAN #615. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Later that night, Batman meets Catwoman at the Gotham City Zoo. Quite the romantic spot, right? He tells her that he wants to share both sides of his life with her. Feeling a shared confidence with her, he removes his cowl and reveals himself to be Bruce Wayne. This was an important step in their relationship. Gaining Batman’s complete trust is a major accomplishment. Even when they’re no longer together, she still protects his secret. No matter what, they have always remained loyal to one another.

3. When Batman Saved Her Heart

For some fans, DETECTIVE COMICS #850 is one of the most captivating storylines with Batman and Catwoman. In this issue, Selina’s attacked and kidnapped by Hush. Then, he has her heart surgically removed. With Mr.Freeze’s life support invention, her heart is able to survive outside of her body. By some miracle, a bunch of machines and wires are able to keep Selina alive. Batman recruits the help of Mr. Terrific to retrieve her heart and to stop Hush once and for all. With Nightwing and Robin’s aid, Batman fights Hush but fails to capture him.

DETECTIVE COMICS #850. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

After her heart is returned, Batman goes to the hospital to visit Selina. Her near-death experience made Batman realize just how important she is in his life. He tells Selina:

“Hush said that when I saw your heart die, part of mine would die, too. He was right, in a way. There has only been one woman who has really held my heart.”

Once again, they profess their undying love for each other. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with the Bat’s girl.

2. A Night On The Town

Batman and Catwoman have had many occasions where they have fought side by side. Now BATMAN #392 might be an older issue, but it’s truly a testament of just how long the Bat and the Cat have been in each other’s orbit. One night, Catwoman decides to help Batman on his patrol. Together, they take down a couple of petty criminals. At this time, Catwoman is still trying to prove she has reformed since her days as a jewel thief. Batman is there, supporting her as she turns over a new leaf.

Batman and Catwoman
BATMAN #392. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

During their nightly escapades, the two spend time together like a real couple. They go out for a nice, romantic dinner, behind an Italian restaurant. Sound familiar? It’s like a scene out of THE LADY AND THE TRAMP. Unfortunately, their pleasant evening gets ruined by another crime being committed. In this issue, Batman tells Catwoman “sometimes being a loner gets lonely.” They fill a void in one another. For a moment, there’s a bit of normalcy in their relationship. Said normalcy is what balances their romance. It’s not always going to be Batman and Catwoman, sometimes, it’s just a man and a woman enjoying a meal together.

1. The Proposal

We can’t talk about Batman and Catwoman’s relationship without looking back at their engagement story. So, how did the world’s greatest detective pop the question? In BATMAN #24, Batman spends the night chasing Catwoman around the city. What else would you expect? Their idea of romance has always been Catwoman running and Batman catching her. That will never change. Later on in the evening, he gets down on one knee and says “marry me” to Selina. For Bruce Wayne, this is a moment of vulnerability. The Bat actually has feelings.

Batman and Catwoman
BATMAN #32. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

In regards to the ring itself, the diamond has an important significance in their relationship. Batman made the engagement ring out of a diamond Catwoman stole when they met for the first time. Surprisingly, Selina doesn’t answer right away. Not until BATMAN #32, when things become official. Selina asks him to propose to her again, not as a demand, but as a question. Then, finally, she said “yes”, with tears streaming down her face. And every fan’s heart just bursts with happiness.

A Toast to Batman and Catwoman

What better way to celebrate the happy couple than by taking a stroll down memory lane? Batman and Catwoman have been through so much together. Who would have thought that this cat and mouse game they have been playing for almost eighty years would lead to them finally getting married? Now, with a diamond ring on Selina Kyle’s finger, Batman and Catwoman start a new chapter of their lives together. We can only hope that their wedding day goes off without a hitch.

What are some of your favorite Batman and Catwoman moments in comics? Let us know in the comments below, the folks here at ComicsVerse would love to hear from you!

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