NIGHTWING #57 is an awesome issue. Visually stunning, this comic balances both romance and horror perfectly. Characters are brought to life in NIGHTWING #57.
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The so-called daughter of the Joker has just arrived in Blüdhaven. Ric Grayson considers taking up the Nightwing mantle and joining the team of Nightwings. Written by Scott Lobdell with gorgeous artwork by Travis Moore, NIGHTWING #57 is absolutely worth reading.

Birds of a Feather in NIGHTWING #57

NIGHTWING #57 opens with Grayson and his new sweetheart, Bea, taking a romantic stroll in the snow. With hearts aflutter, they seem happy and in love; it’s very sweet. She tells him about the homeless shelter that’s in danger of closing, and how she is going to save it. While Grayson enjoys his time with his girlfriend, Detective Edwards — from the team of Nightwings — is investigating a possible kidnapping. When interviewing a suspect goes nowhere, she decides to suit up as Nightwing and be more forceful in her interrogation.

At a town hall meeting, Bea stands up to the councilman who wants to turn the homeless shelter into a parking lot. Inspired by her bravery, Grayson seriously considers becoming a vigilante once again and joining team Nightwing. After the meeting, Bea finds someone waiting for her at the bar: Barbara Gordon. Surprisingly, it isn’t an awkward conversation. The two women have an honest heart-to-heart conversation about Ric Grayson and letting him start his new life.

NIGHTWING #57 Page 2. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, a new villain is wreaking havoc in the city. Hiding out in the shadowy sewers, Duela kidnaps and tortures the councilmen from before. NIGHTWING #57 concludes with the heavily scarred councilmen with a bomb strapped to his chest, courtesy of the Joker’s daughter. Next issue is sure to have an explosive start.

Grayson and the Ladies

Bea, Ric Grayson’s girlfriend, plays a big part in NIGHTWING #57. More than just a doe-eyed love interest with no real substance, she develops into a strong, genuine character. We learn a bit about her backstory, and how she overcame growing up homeless. When Bea talks to Barbara, she is warm and caring and totally supportive of Grayson’s new life. I love how characters like Bea and Barbara help develop Dick Grayson and push him to grow as a person.

As she fights to save the homeless shelter, she inspires Grayson to be a hero again. Her being a part of his new life is the catalyst for change that he needed. The chemistry between the two lovebirds is palpable. Although, I have to wonder what will happen to their relationship if he does regain his memories.

While we’re on the subject of female characters in NIGHTWING #57, I must bring up the one dull part in this issue. The only negative point to the plot was the side story of Detective Edwards. Compared to the rest of the story, that scene seems out of place. The dialogue in that sequence sounds so cheesy and unoriginal. Also, her little stunt, abusing the Nightwing persona, is so distracting to Grayson’s plot arc.

Stunning Artwork

Travis Moore’s work continues to take my breath away in NIGHTWING #57. The opening scene, with Ric Grayson and Bea strolling through a winter wonderland, is gorgeous. There’s this warm, lifelike glow about all the characters. The physicality between characters seems so natural, like when Bea and Barbara hold hands across the table in support of one another.

NIGHTWING #57 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC entertainment.

With the addition of Duela, the Joker’s daughter, the visuals shift into images from a horror film. The level of insanity and terror she possesses is perfectly captured in this issue. Her cynical smile and stitched-on mask make her appearance so reminiscent of the Joker. Also, the scarred face of the councilmen is frightening, to say the least. Overall, the artwork in NIGHTWING #57 a visual delight and makes this issue even more worth reading.

Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #57

NIGHTWING #57 is the perfect mix between romance and horror, having equal amounts of both. Adding Duela into this story is a smart move on Scott Lobdell’s part. As strange as it sounds, both she and Grayson have struggled with their identity. In my opinion, Duela seems like a perfect fit for this kind of story.

Also, the visuals in NIGHTWING #57  are incredible. The characters feel so lifelike. The beautiful opening scene draws you in and never lets go, and the character’s physical mannerisms are natural and fluid, like looking at a photograph.

Overall, NIGHTWING #57 is a must read. I’m excited to see Grayson return to his vigilante life and eventually face off against the Joker’s daughter.

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