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I have to say that even though I do not cover SPIDER-GWEN for the site, it still is one of my favorite books. Between it and one of my other favorite comics, BITCH PLANETSPIDER-GWEN brought me back to life and the world of comics. Therefore, the minute I looked at the line-up for Artist Alley at NYCC I knew that I had to try. I knew I might, and probably would fail, to interview Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. Although I was unable to nail down Mr. Latour, I did get a Robbi Rodriguez interview. It was a lovely experience.

This Robbi Rodriquez interview discusses his Spider-Gwen costume creation.

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When I spoke to him before the interview, he called himself an old pro because he went on the “SPIDER-GWEN tour” for the last year. I have to say that despite the millions of times people asked about this amazing book, he was still warm and insightful in our interview. From his online webcomic, FRANKIE GET YOUR GUNto his well-known art of SPIDER-GWEN, Rodriguez rolled off influences and artistic inspirations.

This robbi rodriguez interview features frankie get your gun.

This Robbi Rodriguez Interview Outs Robbi as a Master of his Craft

He clearly masters his craft with a lot of care for the work he does. In this Robbi Rodriguez interview, I asked about the fashion of SPIDER-GWEN. Additionally, I asked about her outfit worn as form-fitting without objectification. Robbi didn’t miss a beat. He immediately responded they wanted to avoid objectification. This gets accomplished by looking at Gwen exactly how she should be looked at, as a human being. Additionally, he also echoed a lot of what my favorite artists say in their interviews. He said fashion remains an area of comics that has not been embraced in the past. Rodriguez certainly has an awesome personal style. He believes, like a lot of the new and big artists out there, that personal expression goes beyond the superhero’s costume. It is about more than what their face looks like.

If you were ever worried about the future of female depiction in comics, this Robbi Rodriguez interview assuages those fears. So pick up SPIDER-GWEN, and enjoy all of the amazing art this super awesome man gives us. I’ll wait.

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