The war might be over, but not for some bots. In TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15, readers uncover a unique (if a bit odd) plot twist which is held together by Cahill and Pitre-Durocher delightful illustrations.
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Drastic Measures
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There’s nothing like faking death, throwing in some bodily mutilation, and adding some blood (or at least its equivalent) for dramatic effect to pull the wool over your captor’s eyes.

In TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15, written by James Roberts and illustrated by Brendan Cahill and Sara Pitre-Durocher, the “dead” Scavengers’ trick manages to fool Scorponok, and they’re more than ready to fight tooth and nail to escape the Worldsweeper alive. But in true TRANSFORMERS fashion, escaping is never particularly easy.

This issue is a lot to absorb and process over the potential ramifications it could have for the series and for TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT, but who knows? It might just provide an interesting spin for the story in the long run.

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Change of (Artistic) Pace

Jack Lawrence can finally kick back for a well-earned respite after providing us plenty of issues of stellar content. Joining the artist crew this time around is Brendan Cahill, who continues to handle this plot-heavy Scavengers arc spectacularly. My favorite aspect of Cahill’s art is by far his depictions of Misfire’s emotions. Misfire is generally an unhinged bot, but he seems more leveled when Cahill takes command of the pages (which, frankly, I’m starting to really enjoy).

This issue is also the second time around for artist Sara Pitre-Durocher, who debuted in the last issue. It’s such a joy to see her artwork here, again so vividly illustrating the cast’s facial expressions and communicating tense moments throughout the issue with body language.

Transformers: Lost Light #15
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

TRANSFORMERS can cause problems for certain artists, who may excel with armor and background structures but struggle with facial tics or emotions that evolve with the scene. But for TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15, Cahill and Pitre-Durocher hit the nail on the head with these minute details. I’ve read critiques of both artists’ stylistic renderings, but I thought the pair worked well here. Featuring two artists within the same issue can be jarring, but Cahill and Pitre-Durocher execute their styles fluidly.

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After the Scavengers’ apparent demise at the hands of Grimlock in the last issue, it’s a relief to see the gang ready to fight back for their freedom. The cover art by Lawrence did provide some indication that their death was a red herring, but despite how much readers were trying to believe it was just a ploy, we were stuck with the how. If it was an act, how did they pull it off? How did they survive after being scattered around the cell in pieces? Who would’ve thought sheer panic would’ve done the trick?

Transformers: Lost Light #15
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

In this issue, we come to appreciate Nickle more than ever. It’s such a wonder how this small medic bot managed to align herself with the reigns of the Decepticon Justice Division as a motherly figure to them. Compared to the rest of the DJD, it’s hard to paint the picture of her standing her ground without fear of someone ten times larger and bulkier than she is. She understands Grimlock’s circumstances, and with nothing more than a gut feeling that she’s right in her assessment, Nickle clocks him in the back of the head.

Transformers: Lost Light #15
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15 does great work for the Scavengers, highlighting their personality, their relationships, and their quick thinking in the face of danger. Still, I’m not sure what to make of the plot of this issue. It’s not exactly confusing, but it feels out of the ordinary for the series. The climax of Scorponok’s plans was something I would expect from the other titles — but not so much Roberts’ series. Regardless, it’ll be interesting how this plot element will be incorporated into the comic’s continuity.

Look How Far We’ve Come

Although some of the contents of this issue are strange, the characters are spot on. For a while, we’ve been aware of Misfire’s fondness for Grimlock — it’s like his own puppy. Except, y’know, Grimlock is a robotic dinosaur that can easily tear Misfire and the rest of the Scavengers apart. For one horrifying moment, we were almost led to believe Grimlock did rip them apart in the last issue.

Misfire’s endeavors to befriend Grimlock, despite his party’s reservations, have come full circle in the endearing page below. How Misfire has survived as long as he has is one great mystery and anyone’s guess. We know for sure, though, that he would not stand a chance against an enraged Grimlock. Here, though, there’s a final breakthrough in their relationship. Misfire is terrified but stands his ground. He displays his loyalty for Grimlock on his proverbial sleeve. He carries a sense of hope despite the impression that Grimlock turned on him and the rest of the Scavengers.

Transformers: Lost Light #15
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The scene tugged on a few heartstrings for me, especially since the members of this mess of a rag-tag team only have each other. As for Grimlock, he becomes a part of the nomadic nobodies. They have long accepted him (some more fearfully than others) as part of the Scavengers.

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Final Thoughts on TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15

While this is a strong installment of the series, a few elements have me stumped, mostly to do with Scorponok’s intentions to further the Decepticon cause. I expect plot twists in this series, but this issue’s climax feels unusual. Without revealing too much, let’s just say I’m on the fence about it.

Still, I have confidence in James Roberts. He has demonstrated time and time again that his creative process and natural storytelling ability will create what is likely to be a new addition to the plot and possibly the TRANSFORMERS series as a whole.

TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15 definitely kept me engaged with the implications Scorponok’s plans. It’s a thrilling read to see the Scavengers on their A-game as they liberate themselves from Scorponok’s Worldsweeper.

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