RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 BY Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby, Katy Farina, and Chris Crank
The comic remains true to the source material, yet appears a bit lighter than it. Still, it's always fun seeing these enjoyable characters get into shenanigans.
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It really gets schwifty

The most defining feature of any property with the RICK AND MORTY title is its ability to get you invested in morally terrible people. Both Rick and Morty often fail basic decency clauses. Rick spews out drunken slurs and violent actions whenever possible, and Morty is his incompetent lackey. Yet at the same time, there’s something enthralling about watching them work together to try and save the multiverse. Fortunately for fans of the series, the third season of the TV show comes out in only a few weeks. In the mean time, those craving this eccentric series should check out RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5. This collection of stories from the creative team of Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby, Katy Farina, and Chris Crank shows off just how enjoyable the crazy world of RICK AND MORTY truly is.

A Most Outrageous Plot: A Competent Jerry

Yes, it’s finally happened. There exists a multiverse containing a Jerry who can actually oppose Rick competently. Oddly enough, this Jerry shows up in the most unexpected place. The story begins when regular Jerry feels unappreciated by his family. Nothing out of the ordinary, mind you, yet this time the harassment of his loved ones gets to him. Therefore, he steals Rick’s portal gun to escape to another world where people appreciate him; the world of Doofus Rick.

For those of you unaware, Doofus Rick is Jerry’s favorite Rick version, since he’s much kinder than the others. While he and Doofus Rick hang out with each other, they find themselves suddenly whisked away by an unknown force. This, of course, is the dramatic reveal of Doofus Jerry: a megalomaniac with the brain power to achieve his dreams. Thus, it’s up to Rick to stop the Doofus Jerry from disturbing the balance of the multiverse and save his family.

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The fact that such an intricate plot came out of this otherwise ridiculous premise is a marvel unto itself. Yet, such is common in almost all of RICK AND MORTY’s adventures. Everything that occurs in this story has a purpose. It’s almost cathartic seeing the pieces go into place as various gags that happen earlier suddenly become important. Making Jerry, even if it’s the Doofus version, a threat also gives more weight to an otherwise throwaway gag character.

The constant hatred he gets on the show, as well as his overall uselessness, makes Jerry easily dislikable. Yet here he’s fighting Rick, and winning. It shows he has the capability of being a serious threat but fortunately prefers to remain incompetent. On the other hand, Jerry Prime and Doofus Rick do get a chance to help defeat Doofus Jerry later in the issue, as a sort of redemption for their previous screw up.

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Does RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 Deliver on the Rickest Rick?

The only thing I found lacking was, surprisingly, the more adult language and content. A short story later in RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 delivered on the violence fans of the show are used to seeing, yet for the most part, I found that aspect lacking. The change in the medium most likely contributed to the censoring of language and toning down of the violent scenes, yet it felt noticeable enough for me to mention it here. I personally am not normally a fan of gratuitous violence and harsh language, yet it’s something you come to expect of this particular property. It’s as much a part of the series as Rick’s inability to stop drooling.

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The other stories in the volume match up to the first one in terms of entertainment. It seems these comic creators really understood the vibe of Harmon and Roiland’s show and did a good job translating that to the comic. The other stories each possess that oddly nihilistic feeling that typifies the show in general. They remain entertaining explorations in this vast world while not giving really anything away for fans of the show. Though if you don’t watch the show, you might find certain gags and character appearances very confusing.

The Art: As Seen on TV. For the Most Part.

The art in RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 almost looks scene-for-scene like that of the show until the last two stories. Then, it switches to this oddly wobbly looking format that honestly threw me off. It just felt sudden that, after reading pages upon pages of an art-style reminiscent of the show, they chose to switch to bigger lines and more circular character designs that read as more “comic book-y.” Once accustomed to this style change, it actually reads as a fun deviation from the norm. But, before you get used to it, the style change is rather distracting and may take away from some people’s reading experience. However, this isn’t the TV show. The artists should feel comfortable in switching things up.

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A Multiverse of Comedy

In the end, this RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 is just that, Rick and Morty. Some of the show’s characteristics take a backseat to this new medium, yet for the most part, all of it is there. There’s a fun adventure that tests both Rick’s patience and ability to save the multiverse, and Morty does something that makes us question if he’s fit to help Rick.

Though, one large change in RICK AND MORTY VOL. 5 comes in the form of Jerry, even if it’s Doofus Jerry getting the change. Instead of just being a bumbling idiot like usual, his bark is as bad as his bite. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s really refreshing to see. In the end, a thrilling adventure in the multiverse never hurt anyone. Well, never hurt anyone named Rick, so those of you named Rick should fair out alright. Which, evidently, there seem to be a lot of people named Rick in the multiverse.

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