SPRING is part of Double Take’s new universe which is a collection of stories based on THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Each comic has its own story, but they are all connected through various cameos, easter eggs, and, of course, in that they’re all taking place at the same time in the fictional Evans County.

SPRING #2 – Bill Jemas, Young Heller

SPRING is interesting because the story is told in a different way than what is typical. Normally, we see action happening with dialogue and narration on the page, but this story is told by two different characters that are in an active, busy world, so a lot of what we see on the page isn’t related much to the story itself. This is cool and unique, but also confusing at times, just because it’s not how comics are normally written.

spring 2

We are never really introduced to the characters in the sense that we get a name or an appearance, since it’s written from the narrator’s point of view. However, the writing is excellent and shows some of their personalities through the way the narrators speak and what they talk about.

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The illustration in this book is beautiful. Some of the pages include cliches- women in bikinis, overly muscular men, nudity- but it isn’t done in a way that is too harsh. Instead, it’s drawn with purpose and most, if not all, of the art adds to the strangeness of the story, because it feels like it doesn’t really fit.

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spring 2

SPRING is so interesting and creative, taking many things that we don’t see very often and tossing them together in a way that works without feeling fake. On the surface, SPRING is about zombies, but at SPRING’s core, I think that there is something more. Something more personal and more human. I’m really interested to see where it goes from here.

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