Making a comeback doesn't get better than this. Dan introduces us to a classic man in a modern day.
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SLOTS by Dan Panosian is his first attempt at writing and drawing his own book. Previously, Dan has worked on various covers from DC to MARVEL, along with doing the X-MEN comic books shown in the hit success film LOGAN. SLOTS brings to us a worn and traveled man, Stanley Dance. Superstitious, confident, charming, an old-school boxer coming back in the modern day, a lot has certainly changed. The book hits all the right spots to keep us turning the page. Dan has poured many of his personal life experiences and inspirations into the book, making it a tale worth reading. With having his father being heavy into boxing, Dan has used this as a base to tell his story.

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Swinging Fast and Hard

The issue starts off quickly, Stanley dining in off the road, a beautiful red-head server is catching up with him as he eats his eggs and bacon. A slick smile and full of confidence, Stanley Dance keeps up the conversation before he takes a call outside. With a glove box of spare keys, he drives down the road before the crimson-haired girl even realizes what he just pulled. This is Stanley Dance, slick and smooth, pulling tricks before you even blinked. Stanley is back on the road to Las Vegas to fulfill his first (and maybe his last) promise. The only way he’s going to be able to keep that promise is by returning to the ring. Long since retired from the boxing world, Stanley sees that it has evolved over the years. The world of MMA may not welcome him in so easily.

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SLOTS #1 has an interesting format to the writing. There’s a lot to take in this first issue because it is broken up into four different chapters. By breaking up one issue into different sections, it reads much more like a classic comic strip complied together. Dan gives readers an excellent feel for the character and contrasts Stanley to the rest of the modern world. To sum it up, it’s like seeing your missing dad come back into your life and compete in MMA. A fun and a progressive story that will keep readers curious about the evolution of Stanley to come.

Dan’s Sweet Left Hook

Being the first book Dan has written, SLOTS has some great elements to it. He uses a zip-a-tone style throughout his work, a style that consists of dots in images fading in and out. This technique isn’t as popular anymore, which helps give a vintage feel to the story. So far within this first issue, his storytelling has great ambition. He flawlessly moves from panel to panel, and larger setting transitions keeping a great flow to the book. With easy-to-follow characters and purpose for each introduction, there’s no wasted space in the book. Learning about Stanley and his mission is spread out piece by piece as readers are engaged with his current outcome of life. The story is curiously hard to put down since it all doesn’t come fully together until the last page

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Image courtesy of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment

And the Winner…

Overall, SLOTS starts us off on a new and interesting story. Nowhere near your average mainstream comic book, it brings something a bit deeper with meaning and personal interest. Dan has been working hard at his craft and finally found a story that is worth telling. Pulling off art and writing duties takes an extreme amount of time, knowing this makes it even more worthwhile. Dan’s writing doesn’t feel like a beginning writer’s, so we’ll be looking forward to more of his stories.

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