The Guardians’ latest foe is Phase, who, like his name, is able to pass through objects. This makes it especially difficult for the heroes to capture the parkour-happy villain, who dabbles in small time theft.

After being humiliated for the umpteenth time, Chaos finds inspiration from a fisherman; soon, the Guardians are able to capture Phase.

By now, Guardians has established its pattern for storytelling: the brothers Chaos & Element reflect on the current situation, and then go off to save the city or fight the next villain. It’s a good set-up, but it needs to be pushed past these ‘slice-of-life’ moments; I do believe, however, that the story is being pushed in that direction with the end of the issue, showcasing the superpower-blessed villains in their prisons.

There is obviously a bigger force at work—who, or where are these antagonists receiving their powers from—and the story is in prime positioning to transition to the next arc.

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