Christian Carnouche and Crizam Zamora’s THE RESURRECTED #1 is a harrowing zombie thriller. Exceptional characters and creative world building make THE RESURRECTED #1 a philosophical and entertaining introduction to the series.
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The debut comic from Carnouche Productions, THE RESURRECTED #1 is off to a daring start. It is written by Christian Carnouche and features artwork by Crizam Zamora. THE RESURRECTED #1 combines film noir intrigue with post-apocalyptic drama.

THE RESURRECTED follows the life of Cain Duluth, who is a United Nations special agent. Cain is stationed at the UN headquarters on the island Nova Lucis. While there, a high-tech disaster kills Cain’s Australian family and everyone else in Australia. Cain and his feisty partner Ozaki must now solve the mystery of the “resurrected” who cheated death.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

The comic combines high-speed cop-show drama with philosophical inquiry. Australia’s colonial history and the human quest for eternal life are backdrops to the detective story. THE RESURRECTED #1 is a maze-like debut. It poses more questions than answers.

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THE RESURRECTED #1: Political Commentary

One of the comic’s strong suits is its critical take on colonial history. Cain Duluth is of Aboriginal Australian descent. Neither Carnouche nor Zamora are Indigenous Australians. Carnouche is familiar with the treatment of indigenous people in his home country though. On his website, Carnouche indicates that while creating his characters, he sought feedback from Indigenous friends. It is clear that the native Australian experience of oppression and racism will be important. Hopefully, Carnouche will continue to address the mistreatment of indigenous people in Australia. Carnouche must also ensure his character does not fall into cultural stereotypes.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

A peculiar feature of Cain Duluth is how much he hates technology. In the year 2037, after “nanobots” decimate Australia, Cain has advanced gadgets at his fingertips. Despite the advancements, he refuses to use it except to view old pictures of his family. Cain’s reluctance is reasonable. The comic hints that the tech company “Drexler” is largely behind the Australian disaster. 

Drexler is also responsible for the “resurrected” roaming the streets. However, the full cost of resurrection and the ethical realities of it are not yet clear.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

It is exciting to see a comic take on so many topics. However, parts of the issue are hard to understand. Readers will need to take their time going through the comic. Which is hard to do when reading a fast-paced zombie story.  

Oh, Brave New World…with Zombies?

The many political themes of the comic match fantastic science fiction elements in THE RESURRECTED #1. The resurrected are scientifically sanctioned zombies. However, they aren’t out to eat brains and ruin the world. For Cain, they serve as an uncanny reminder that he lost his family when they might have been saved.

Carnouche writes THE RESURRECTED #1 much like a film noir detective story or cop drama. The tense relationship between Cain and Ozaki provides some comic relief. It comes across as a good cop/moody cop dynamic.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

The narrative has echoes of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Luckily, Carnouche is aware of current socio-cultural issues such as racism and misogyny. Yet, the advancements Carnouche envisions resembles Huxley’s world. One gets the impression that scientific progress might be quite harmful. Only a few characters see the dangers in spite of everything.

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Indie Comic Meets Mainstream Art

Zamora’s artwork gives THE RESURRECTED #1 its film noir look. The images are dark. Cain’s face is often in shadow. Zamora seems to draw attention to Cain’s emotions through close-up renderings of Cain’s face. Cain is in darkness to match his mood, fittingly enough. The darkness also may indicate he has yet to understand the mystery ahead of him.  

While dramatic, the artwork seems closer to mainstream works that one might see in Marvel or DC Comics. Zamora’s style is similar to Billy Tan’s work in X-23 INNOCENCE LOST or GREEN LANTERN. For a newer comic, a more daring artistic style would have been exciting. Specifically, it was surprising to see the artwork in THE RESURRECTED #1 did not underscore ties to Australia. The drawings instead focused on the science fiction elements of the universe. Zamora’s linework and layouts are very effective in THE RESURRECTED #1 regardless.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

Zamora’s art focuses on detail with thin lines capturing emotion and gesture. The cityscapes are beautiful and precise. Zamora also excels at depicting gadgets. However, the faces of each character are a little stiff. But the sobriety is fitting given the emotions they experience. 

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What’s in a Name?

Carnouche begins his comic with the history of Australian colonization. He notes colonizers named Australia “Terra Nullius” ignoring the indigenous people’s presence. Names seem very meaningful in THE RESURRECTED #1. The UN’s headquarters, for example, is located on Nova Lucis. Latin for “a new light,” Nova Lucis is a promising location for the UN. However, Cain’s name is startling. In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve’s son Cain murders his younger brother Abel. How the history of Cain’s name will pan out in THE RESURRECTED will be compelling.

Images courtesy of Carnouche Productions.

Final Thoughts: A Thrilling Comic 

THE RESURRECTED #1 is both challenging and entertaining. Carnouche and Zamora make an excellent team for this debut comic. The comic does not shy away from issues like oppression, racism, and death. However, it is not all doom and gloom. The cop-show mystery keeps the pace moving. Cain makes a compelling and complex hero! I am eager to see what the future installments have to offer.

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